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smile lines

You Had Me at Makeup: How to Make Smile Lines Less Visible

There’s no doubt that your obsession with great skin is normal. After all, it’s the largest organ in your body, and you’re likely looking at your reflection at least once a day! As fun as it is to adjust your skincare and makeup routine to achieve envy-level results, certain issues are trickier than others. One of the biggest offenders is wrinkles and lines — particularly smile lines.

While these may sound nice and dandy, they are a normal part of aging that can be challenging to treat. Luckily, you can make them less visible using the all mighty makeup. So if you’re ready to get rid of deep smile lines, keep on reading.

Bust Out the Primer

Think of your face as the canvas and primer as what prepares the surface for paint. Not only do primers blur pores, smooth your skin, and add extra moisture, they also create the ideal base to enhance the makeup that comes after. This is particularly important for smile lines because it helps keep the area moist and does not emphasize the creases.

You know how frustrating it is when your foundation gets stuck in your smile lines, making them more apparent than before. The right primer will help avoid that.

Time for Foundation

With your primer set, it’s time for foundation. When it comes to smile lines, less is more! In fact, that’s a great motto for makeup in general.

The more foundation you have on your face, the more product there is to sneak its way into your creases and lines. Either use less of your current foundation or find one that’s sheer.

Only have a heavy foundation? Apply it with a damp sponge to soften it and give it a sheer appearance. Start with a little and gradually increase until you start seeing those smile lines disappear.

Don’t Neglect Your Lips

While this may not be a direct application to your smile lines, lipstick can divert attention away from any deep lines that are still visible. The key here is to find a good middle ground between bold and barely there. Too bold will be overpowering, but too natural won’t have the right effect.

Find a lipstick shade that works with your skin tone (and outfit!), so you can complete your look without the worry of prominent smile lines.

Treatment for Smile Lines

Okay, this is technically not makeup, but if you want some more help in making smile lines less visible, you have options outside of makeup. They’ll be more expensive, but it will mean saving time from your morning beauty routine. Injectable fillers and botox are sure to help get rid of smile lines without undergoing surgery.

Luckily the stigma of enhancing your beauty, whether through makeup or injectables, is going away. So find whatever makes you happy and go forward with confidence!

Make Smile Lines Less Visible

When it comes to your skin, there’s no reason to ignore the problem areas. There are so many methods to improving your skin; there’s no reason to let it control your life. One of the biggest skin complaints from people is about their smile lines.

Luckily, makeup has advanced to the point where you can easily disguise your smile lines and enjoy your day knowing you’re glowing even more than usual!

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