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Flawless Liptstick

A Quick Guide to Flawless Lipstick on your Wedding Day

Every bride wants their wedding day to be perfect and this includes even the smallest details. One detail that should not be overlooked is your lipstick. Your smile will be the biggest star of the day and you want to make sure it looks great. Here are a few tips on keeping your lipstick looking perfect from pictures, through the ceremony and into the night.

Pick your Best Shade

If you already have a signature color that you love and looks amazing on you, that’s great! However, many brides aren’t sure what color they should try or what color would look best. This is where a stylist at a Charleston hair and makeup salon really comes in handy. They can introduce you to brands and colors you might not have found by yourself. It’s also a good idea to wear a shirt the same color as your dress while trying different shades so you can get a nice visual of what each shade will look like.

Try the Lipstick Out with a Trial Run or Two

Once you fall in love with the lipstick you will be wearing, start practicing applying and touching up with it. Use it a day or two so you can see how long you need to go without touching up and how it wears. If it fades quickly or constantly smudges, you might want to look at other brands or shades. If you aren’t sure what the best brands are, get in touch with the makeup artist at a Charleston hair salon.

Take Care of your Skin and Lips

Leading up to the big day, make sure you are exfoliating, drinking plenty of water, and generally taking care of yourself. All of your makeup, including your lipstick, will go on much smoother and look better when applied to hydrated and smooth skin and lips.

Photos Matter

Going back to choosing the right shade, it’s well known that lighter neutral shades of lipstick can look washed out in photographs. So, while you might love a nude lip shade and it looks fantastic in person, you may want to go a bit brighter for your photographs. It might put you a little bit out of your comfort zone during the photo session, but you will be pleasantly surprised with your gorgeous wedding pictures.

Ask a Stylist at your Favorite Salon

There is no better time to reach out to a makeup expert at a Charleston hair salon than for your wedding day. Not only will you appreciate their expertise, but their goal is just like yours, which is for you to look your very best. Since stylists are experts in this field, they can show you which brands and colors are going to last through the day, whether it’s outside in the heat or inside a reception hall and look great the entire time.

They can also show you how to apply everything correctly, so it won’t get on your teeth and is less likely to smudge. The hair salon will schedule your trial run and help you with the rest of your makeup. Take some of the stress off yourself and make an appointment to have a stylist help you with your wedding makeup.