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The Hottest Fall Makeup Trends for 2020

Fall is traditionally the time for new fashions. While there are always new trends in clothing during this time, fall makeup often also gets a fresh face.

This year is no different, as people switch up how they use makeup to enhance their look in creative ways. From multi-colored eyeliner to nude lipstick, fall presents a unique opportunity to show off new styles without the threat of the summer sun melting it off.

As we fondly bid farewell to the trends that dominated 2019, read on to learn more about the fall makeup looks that will be popular heading into this year’s cooler season.

Those Artist Eyes

This fall promises to have more color when it comes to eyeliner and eyeshadow. The “artist eyes” trend means adding more than one color to the eye area—and bold colors instead of neutrals.

That could mean yellow on one edge leading into blue on the other, for example, or an assortment of colors that pop. As the name suggests, artist eyes will take a bit more time and creativity to pull off, but will be worth it!

If you’re not into multi-color, you can opt for a single, bold color that will make your eyes stand out even when wearing a mask. A trendy hairstyle will also help complete your look.

Picture Some Face Decals

Think of a small tattoo on your face, but not permanent. Face decals offer endless opportunities for creativity while highlighting parts of your face. For example, a small heart next to your eye can be a nice touch.

You don’t have to have a steady hand or be an artist to pull this off. All you need is a tattoo stamp in the shape of your choice, whether it’s a heart and a star and go for it. Try multiple stamps to create a small constellation if you want!

If there are some faded or patchy areas in the stamp, then you can use your brush to carefully fill them in.

Go Nude With Your Lips

Nude lipstick is already popular, but will likely continue to be heading into the fall season. This look complements your existing lip color rather than trying to go bold.

If you have lighter skin, try to choose a tone that’s not lighter than that with a hint of pink. However, when it comes to choosing the right tone, you’ll want to consider the natural color of your lips and not just skin. The idea is to still make your lips different from the overall tone of your face, even if that means just adding a bit of sheen.

Let Us Apply Our Fall Makeup Skills

This fall promises to bring a bit of creativity to the scene with the face decals, as well as the multi-colored eyeliner that will surely grab attention.

Lipstick is almost always an essential part of fall makeup, but this year the colors may be more subtle with nude tones.

If you’re looking for a professional to apply your makeup and unlock your true potential, then contact us or book today!