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Best Bridal Shower Ideas Pt. 2

In our first article, we discussed the fact, that as one of the most highly regarded hair salons in Charleston, South Carolina, we have had a lot of experience with brides-to-bes, Maid of Honors, and bride’s maids. Through all of this contact, we have learned a thing or two about throwing top-notch bridal showers (among other wedding related topics)!

In our previous article, we discussed how to get the party started. In this edition, we would like to go over something that is not only a lot of fun but can help the bride and the bride’s maids immensely. If you haven’t yet tuned into our article, the Best Bridal Shower Ideas Part 1, take a second to click the link and check it.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Makeovers

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Bridal Hair and Makeup by Gibson

Hiring a hair stylist and makeup artist to come out to your bridal shower and give makeovers can be a fun activity for all of those involved in the upcoming wedding. But more importantly, it can really help set things into place for both the bride and bride’s maids by giving a real world, real time visual aid to help make those tough decisions for what to wear and how to do your wedding hair and makeup on the day of the event.

Stuck or Free to Experiment

The bride’s maids may already be stuck into a specific dress and color theme, so their options might not be as open as a guest who can wear the dress of her choosing. But this gives them the opportunity to have the makeup artist gives them one on one tips on how to do their makeup with the hairstyle and dress colors.

If the bride has not yet decided on the dresses that her entourage will wear, seeing all of her friends made over in mock wedding hair and makeup, might help her pinpoint exactly what she wants the group to look like as a whole.

The same goes for the ladies at the bridal shower who get to choose their own dresses. Seeing themselves and the different hair and makeup on their friends is very likely to shed light on what they are going to want to wear. There can be that light going off, ‘Aha’ moment, when looking at themselves in the mirror and around the room at their friends, where the go, “I’ve got it! I know what kind of color scheme and the general cut of the dress I want to wear!” And the bride may have the same type of ‘aha’ moment for her bride’s maids.

Get Them For A Steal!

Most bridal Makeup Artists and Wedding Hairstylist will be willing to do a flat rate deal for coming out to a bridal shower (similar to how it is much more affordable to book your wedding hair and makeup as a group in one hair salon, than to book individually at various different stylist’s studios).

You should be able to work out quite an affordable deal to get the makeup artist and stylist to come out to a bridal shower for a couple of hours. This could also save your party a pretty chunk of change come wedding day because you just may find the particular stylists and artists that you will want to use on the day of the wedding.

Bridal Shower Makeovers Are A Great Idea

Doing a makeover like this is often overlooked at bridal showers, but it is a great idea because it can resolve some unanswered issues for many of the attendees. This is one of those intangibles that can make your bride-to-be’s wedding day all the better!