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Hair For The Bride Who Wants It All

Modern brides want something a bit unconventional and even if they conform to tradition by wearing white, they still want an avant-garde hairstyle to complement their look. One cannot just cook up a look that has to last for ages via photos and memories and that is why we have put together a few wedding hair, bridal hair, charleston wedding hair, charleston bridal hair, hair salon charleston, hair salonsuggestions (after careful analysis) on what brides of today would want and crave for. After sorting through a collection of Bridal hair and makeup ideas, one hairstyle stood above the rest for millennial brides – the ponytail!

Low and Ethereal – All brides want an ageless ethereal look on their wedding day and this ponytail has in its power to lend the wearer a delicate appearance. A loose ponytail at the base of the neck will give an effortlessly classy look and a few strands blowing about in the wind will also add to the charm. You can personalize the look by adding real flowers or even a thin gold tiara.

Classy and Retro – You can go in for a retro or even a Roman-type style where simplicity plays a large role. your stylist can simply pile your hair high up on your head and let your tresses cascade down your back.

To alternate your look, slick it back and spray on lots of finishing hairspray to make it stay straight and in place. For those who have gorgeous curls or who want to have curls, you can stylist at your favorite hair salon to make it look bouncy and full by adding volumizing mousse.

wedding hair, bridal hair, hair salon, charleston hair salon, wedding hair tips, bridal hair tipsKnotty and Impish – Get a knotted ponytail to give a Bohemian charm and you can vary it with a small braid on both sides of the head. The bride has the license to be adventurous and so you can go in for 2 or 3 more knots to give a romantic look. For any kind of new hairstyles, ask the artists at your hair salon to practice the look on you well in advance before the big day.

Textured and Full – Any bride will want a goddess-like look on her wedding day and you can achieve this look by texturizing your ponytail. You can also throw in a headband for an unexpected beautiful

15 More Ways to Rock a Pony Tail on your wedding day

Topsy Turvy Ponytail – An inverted ponytail may be just the thing that you need to balance off that tiara. You can also keep inverting it more and more to give a loose chignon look. You can add diamond or pearl pins down the side of your topsy tail to give it a bridal look. Pinning a small veil to the base of the neck will also add to the bridal effect.

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It might take a great deal of effort to get that perfect look, but you must know a little about what you want before you try anything new. Collaborate with your hairstylist on what kind of look that will go well with your wedding theme and gown. Wedding Hair and Makeup is an art that should not be taken lightly … only a true artist will be able to give you a charming sweet look or a delightful angelic glow.