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Hair Extensions

Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions: A Guide

Are you obsessed with beauty and fashion? If so, join the club! After all, theres nothing more exciting than finding the perfect outfit or learning beauty tips that will take your look to the next level. This is especially true when it comes to hair. Hair extensions are the perfect way to increase hair length and thickness.

They also allow you to change up your look for different occasions. But when you invest in hair extensions, it’s important to know how to care for them. Fortunately, this article can help.

Here we take a look at hair care tips that will help keep your extensions looking great for years. Keep reading to learn more.

Learn How to Wash Extensions Properly

Many women make the mistake of rarely or never washing their extensions. And yet a hair extension needs to be cared for just like your natural hair.

The key is to use products that are recommended specifically for washing extensions. So the best advice is to avoid hair care products that contain ingredients like alcohol and sulfates.

Why? Because those ingredients are known to strip hair of natural oils and will cause your extensions to get matted.

Brush Extensions Very Carefully

Yes, you need to brush your extensions, but you need to brush with care to keep from damaging them. Buy a quality hair brush, then start brushing at the ends of your hair, working your way up.

Gently brushing starting at the ends will help reduce strain on both your extensions and your scalp, while helping to eliminate tangles.

Condition Your Extensions Weekly

It’s important to understand that your extensions don’t receive the healthy oils that are provided by your roots. Thus it’s a good idea to schedule a weekly conditioning treatment to ensure that your extensions get the moisture needed to remain shiny and smooth.

Don’t Wear Extensions to Bed Wet

Do you ever sleep with wet extensions? This is a bad habit that will lead to tangles and matted roots. Plus, going to bed with wet extensions makes them more likely to fall out.

Minimize Heat Damage

It’s no secret that heat damages natural hair. Well, the same is true of extensions made of 100% human hair. That’s why it’s important to reduce the temperature on your blow dryer, as well as any other source of heat used to create your hairstyle.

Separate the Bonds Daily

Keep in mind that your extensions aren’t designed to remain in your hair forever. In fact, it’s a good idea to take a moment to separate the bonds each day to reduce potential tangles and promote healthier hair.

A Guide to Caring for Hair Extensions

As the holidays approach, there will be plenty of occasions to look your best. Fortunately, this guide to caring for hair extensions will help ensure that your style is always on point.

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