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How To Find the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Nothing makes us feel more confident and happy than fresh, flattering hair color

There are so many choices of hair colors in blonds, browns, reds, and vibrant shades, choosing one can be overwhelming. The best place to start is to choose a hair color that suits your skin tone. 

Your skin tone is the ideal starting place for selecting a hair color you will love. Let us help you find the perfect color!

For tips on how to choose a hair color that matches your skin tone, read our informative guide. 

Determine Your Skin’s Undertone

Every skin tone—light, medium, or dark—has either cool, warm, or neutral undertones. Once you determine your skin’s undertone, you will be able to match your hair to your skin tone.  

People with warm undertones have gold, yellow and red undertones in their skin. These complexions get darker in the sun but never burn. 

People with cool undertones have pink and blue undertones in their skin and tend to burn more easily. 

People with neutral undertones have an equal balance of cool and warm tones. These people get darker in the sun but occasionally burn. 

Not Sure What Your Undertone Is?

Look at the veins on the underside of your wrist in natural light. If your veins appear:

  • Green: warm undertones
  • Blue or purple: cool undertones
  • A mix of both: neutral undertones

Next, put a piece of jewelry next to your face or on your neck, one in gold and one in silver. Which one suits your skin better?  

If gold looks better, you probably have warm skin undertones. If silver looks better, you’re most likely cool-undertoned. And if both look amazing on your skin, you’re neutral. 

Choosing Hair Color

The first rule in choosing a hair color is to find a color that makes you feel good! The lucky people with neutral undertones of any skin tone can choose from warm or cool choices while staying away from extremes. Here are some hair color options based on different skin tones. 

Fair Skin Tone

Many hair colors suit a porcelain complexion! Read on for the best hair colors for fair skin depending on your undertone.

With cool undertones: Blond shades like icy blond and platinum and rich hues like dark brown and violet reds. Avoid overly warm tones like copper, caramel, and gold. 

With warm undertones: Strawberry-blond, butterscotch. and caramel hair colors. Avoid blue or violet-based colors. 

Medium Skin Tone

You know you have medium skin and you’ve figured out your undertone. Here are some hair colors to consider!

With cool undertones: Brunettes can do natural browns and blonds can use sand and wheat colors. Stick with reds in auburn or cinnamon tones. 

With warm undertones: Stick with golden tones, for both light and dark hair. Cooler colors will wash out your skin. 

Dark Skin Tone

Brown-skinned beauties can rock many colors. Just be sure to keep your undertone in mind when you choose.

With cool undertones: Black, espresso, and deep violet are lovely. And for red, brown, or blond hair color, choose cool hues. 

With warm undertones: Warm browns and caramels, chocolatey tones. Avoid ashy tones and blue blacks. 

Charleston Hair Professionals

If you follow the tips above, you are sure to select the hair color that perfectly matches your skin tone. If you are still not sure, consulting with a professional hair colorist helps! 

For the best makeup and hair in Charleston, come visit us at Gibson Hair and Makeup. Make your appointment today for a fabulous haircut, hair color, or make-up session!