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4 Types of Hair and Makeup Salon Services for a Brand New Look

Did you know that 68% of women are unhappy with their hair? You can bet that a bunch more don’t like their overall appearance either.

In fact, you might be one of these women. You stare into the mirror every day, feeling drab and boring. But life’s too short to not feel fantastic about your appearance.

Fortunately, a visit to a Charleston beauty salon can fix things up right away!

Here are 4 types of hair and makeup salon services you should consider if you want a complete transformation.

1. Hair Extensions

We’ve all been there before, especially during the lockdowns; you got sick of your long hair, so you picked up a pair of scissors and hacked away. You might’ve ended up with something half-decent, but it’s ok, at best. And worse yet, you miss your long and thick hair.

You can quickly get back both length and volume with hair extensions. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even get some highlights or colored chunks!

2. Haircut

Maybe you’ve got the opposite problem and you’ve let your hair grow for miles during the pandemic. It’s stringy, thin, and lifeless, not to mention, all dead at the end as well.

A skillfully-done haircut at a hair salon is what you need then. This is the perfect time to say “no” to a trim and try a daring new style instead!

If you’re scared of how it’ll look, just remember: hair always grows back.

3. Brow Shaping

Your eyebrows are key in creating expressions on your face. If they don’t look quite right, then it can really affect how you appear!

If you’re not sure how to shape your brows, or you’ve done them incorrectly, then why not have a beauty salon shape them for you? These experts will know how to make your eyebrows appear expressive yet natural.

4. Makeup Application

You’ve got a beautiful face, so perhaps you go without makeup a lot, or always. But when done correctly, makeup can highlight all your best parts and hide any flaws.

Plus, makeup is an art; there are different styles appropriate for various occasions. For example, a natural look is good for work, but a sexy, smoky effect is good for a date. It’s up to you to tell the makeup artist what you want so they can create the perfect look.

If you love how your makeup’s done, then consider booking makeup lessons too. That way, you’ll have the skills to apply makeup flawlessly for life!

Book These Salon Services Now

Whether you seek one or all of these salon services, one thing’s for sure: you’ll come out feeling amazing! When you see the person looking back in the mirror, you’ll beam with confidence and pride.

So if you feel it’s time for a change, then stop waiting for an excuse to visit a salon. The experts are waiting to help you out!

Are you searching for a beauty and hair salon in Charleston? Then book an appointment with us now!