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Hair and Makup Tips

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At Last, Here Are the Latest Makeup Trends for 2019

Looking for the latest makeup trends? You’ve come to the right place because we’re about to dive into 2019’s hottest trends. Upgrade your style with a few tips, or transform your look! 

Whatever your choice, we’ve got something to top off your makeup trend glass. Settle back and relax, as we delve into the makeup trends you can expect to see this year!

1. Latest Makeup Trends That’ll Rock Your New Hairstyle: Going Bold! 

Think your frizzy hair is ruining your style? Think again because with the right makeup look, you could have people doing double takes. Frizzy hair is the best fit with bold lips or eyes. 

Opt for a crisp bright red, or dark smokey look when your hair is giving you extra volume. Remember that any dramatic look can wear heavy on the skin. If you’re using a thick foundation or concealer be sure to use a moisturizer.

Taking care of your skin will help prevent breakouts and clogging your pores!  

2. Oooo, That Gloss Tho! Gloss and Wet Looks Are Taking Over 2019

That’s right, break out that 90’s lip gloss because it’s back in style. Wet looks are becoming the next hottest trend. The best way to pull off this look is to aim for natural, soft colors. 

Shades to use when aiming for a wet look are: 

  • Pink 
  • Browns 
  • Peaches
  • Nude
  • Taupe

The goal is to accent natural colors in the face. You don’t want to cake on many layers of foundation. Instead, keep the look soft by adding on a touch to have a solid base.  

3. Yas Gurl! Rock That Highlight… 

Highlighters with iridescent tints are all the rage. You can expect to see strong highlights in 2019 in varying shades. Peachy and light gold highlighters are popular choices.

They work to flesh out the top of the cheekbones. Pair a highlight with a subtle contour and blush, then voila, you’ll have a flawless look!

4. All Fresh, Natural, Easy

We all love a bold brow every now and again, but in 2019, trends are leaning toward the all natural. Glowing skin that’s well-hydrated is taking the makeup world by storm. To get a nice natural look, you’ll want to follow some easy steps: 

  1. Use a light foundation and concealer [don’t forget a moisturizer and primer]
  2. A blush that makes your skin tones
  3. Apply a lip gloss or lip balm to give your lips a hydrated look
  4. Have fun with your mascara [you can never have too much!]
  5. Fill in your brows with light flicks of the wrist for a natural effect 
  6. Use a setting powder and spray 

These simple steps take no longer than fifteen minutes. Try it out for your next makeup morning routine! 

Getting the Perfect Hairstyle to Match Your New Makeup Look

It’s fun to follow and see the latest makeup trends. But what about you, and finding the right fit for your future? Let 2019 be your year of change and rejuvenation! 

Contact us for any questions; we would love to help. If you’re ready to dive into your next look, book or request an appointment