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5 Tips for Managing Your Hair in Humid Weather

In 1783, a scientist invented a hygrometer to measure humidity using human hair. If your hair is prone to getting humid in the summer, you know what to look for. Keeping the frizz out of your hair in humid weather can become a real struggle. 

Don’t worry; all hope isn’t lost! Here are five tips for managing humidity hair during the warmer months. With these tips, you can keep the frizz from your hair and show off your beautiful, lovely locks.

Start fighting off the frizz with these five easy tips!

1. Grab Your Products

Women spend about $3,756 every year on their appearance. Before you start buying top-of-the-line products, however, reconsider the products you’re using. 

First, make sure you have an anti-frizz product. A lightweight sealant will help keep your strands smooth even as the humidity rises. 

Next, grab shea butter and oils to keep your humidity hair at bay.

Coconut oil is great for all hair types to keep frizzy hair to a minimum. In addition to helping you manage frizzy hair in humid weather, it can also keep your hair shiny and healthy. You can also use nourishing shea butter for frizzy hair. 

2. Keep It Up

If you don’t have time to learn how to manage hair in humid weather, grab a hair tie. Keeping your hair up in a relaxed type will help manage the frizz. You can also braid your hair or style it into a bun to hide your frizzy hair.

Pay attention to the crown of your head. That’s where frizz is most noticeable. Keep your hair in alignment to minimize frizz.  

3. Add a Treatment

In addition to your usual products, you can also treat your hair to an extra anti-humidity treatment. Try using a serum to encourage your hair to lay as flat as possible. When looking for products, look for anti-humidity serums that don’t use silicone.

Using a serum treatment can seal the ends of your hair and help you fight off humidity.

You can also use a Keratin treatment to fight frizz.

4. Switch Your Towel

When you rub your hair dry, you’re ruffling the surface of those strands. Rushing a towel through your wet strands can actually cause humidity hair.

Instead, use an absorbent towel to squeeze the water out of your hair.

Otherwise, avoiding using a hairdryer right away. Instead, swing your hair over to one side and hold onto the ends. Then, use your blowdryer to dry the top.

Holding onto your hair will keep the strands from flying around and becoming frizzy.

5. Embrace It

Straightening your thick, wavy hair can leave it looking poufy and messy. If your hair is straight, don’t switch to a wavy style. Instead, embrace your natural hair texture. 

Instead, keep your hair moisturized and protected from the elements.

Fend Off the Summer Weather: 5 Tips for Managing Humidity Hair

Ready to fend off the summer weather (and frizz)? Use these tips for managing humidity hair! With these tips, you can love your look with humidity ruining the day.

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