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Eliminate The Frizz: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Keratin Treatment

Do you dream of flowy, frizz-free hair? Wish your natural waves had a little more shine or wish you didn’t have to spend half an hour with the straightener every day?

You should look into a keratin treatment. They’re more natural than other options and they give jaw-dropping results. Ready to learn more? Read below.

1. It’s Natural (and Organically Made)

A lot of the products people put on their hair do great things – temporarily. Intense chemicals make your hair look good for a while, but they damage your hair for the long-term.

Keratin isn’t like that. While we’re not going to use your keratin (because that’d be a complex process) you can rest assured that we’re not using anything on your hair that we wouldn’t use on our own. You know, as stylists and professionals.

Keratin is the protein your hair, skin, and nails are made of. It’s a protective protein and it’s in place to protect your hair skin and nails from injuries and tearing.

Certain animals have keratin on their horns or their skin, for the same purpose.

And since keratin is a protective protein, adding more of it to your hair makes your hair stronger. That’s why we use it in the first place!

2. You Can Go Smooth or Soft

There are two main types of keratin treatments. There’s one called the smoothing treatment which is mostly about helping shine and the appearance of your hair. It’s not necessarily a straightening treatment.

Your other choice is a regular keratin treatment, which will help straighten wavy hair. You can strengthen your hair through the treatment and keep it healthy longer since you won’t need to straighten it as much.

3. It Might Take a While

You know your hair best. If you break more ponytail holders than you end up using, be aware that your keratin treatment is going to take some time.

And thicker hair is going to be more expensive, too. Since there’s more hair, your stylist will use more product.

4. It Will Speed Up Your Mornings

Keratin treatments can reduce your blow drying time! The Keratin repels more water from your hair than your untreated hair does, so you’re starting ahead of where you usually do when you blow-dry.

Some people see improvement in wet-to-dry blow-drying time up to 60%!

If you want to get out the door faster in the morning but you’re not willing to sacrifice your shiny, glossy hair – this is a good option for you.

5. Be a True Cosmo Girl

Did you get the Legally Blonde reference? Like a perm, you won’t be able to wash your hair for up to 72 hours after you get your treatment.

You’ll want to skip workouts where it can get sweaty (aka damp) and keep it down, too. That means you’ll have to skip out of CrossFit or hot yoga for a few days.

Once that adjustment period is over though, you’re welcome to go on with your normal routine.

Your Keratin Treatment

Now that you know the keratin treatment secrets of the trade, are you ready to come in and get one? Glossy, flowing, and easy-to-style hair awaits.

Make an appointment with us online or by giving us a call. We can’t wait to see your results!