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5 Reasons to Get a Dry Haircut Today

The wash-and-cut has been a staple of stylists for years, but the dry haircut is slowly taking over as a favorite not only for stylists but their clients as well. For decades, people relied on and loved the wash prior to getting their hair cut. It feels great and makes it much easier for the stylist to cut and manage the hair.

The wet haircut does have its disadvantages, though. Many customers have found their hair looking great in the salon, but not when it dries only a few hours later. Keep reading to find out the reasons why people love getting their hair cut dry.

It’s Better for Your Hair

Stylists like cutting hair wet because it makes it easier to cut and shape, but it’s also more prone to breaking. If your hair is already damaged when going into the salon, then this can be made even worse. You may notice that you lose more hair after a wet cut.

When your hair is dry, you don’t have to worry about hair loss while cutting. It may be difficult to find dry cutters in your area because cutting wet hair is traditionally taught in most beauty schools.

Eliminates the Guesswork

When you walk into a hair salon, there’s always apprehension. Even if you’re getting the same hair cut you’ve gotten a thousand times by the same hair stylist, you never know if everything’s going to be fine.

When you have curls, cowlicks, and other hairy problem areas, a wet haircut can mask the final product. It may look great in the chair, but an hour later you’re the spitting image of Bride of Frankenstein. Dry cutting lets it all hang out and leaves nothing to chance.

Easier to Recreate the Look

Hair stylists are artists. Their canvas is hair and they can create some of the most beautiful masterpieces.  Sadly, wet cuts can be difficult to recreate the next morning when you wake up with bed head and only have five minutes to get out the door.

Dry cutting lets you see how they shape and mold the hair in its natural state. You’ll have an easier time recreating it in the morning because you’re seeing it being done. You’re looking at it in the mirror, just as if you were at home.

Cuts Down on Repeat Visits

Getting your hair cut and styled can be expensive. This is especially true if you’re coming back frequently for touch-ups and trims. Dry cutting of your hair keeps its shape better over time.

When the hair grows out, it stays the way it is instead of becoming a tangled mess. If your hair looks great longer, then you can decrease the times you go to the salon. This saves money and we all need more of that.

Perfect for All Hair Types

People with unique hair types such as curly or frizzy can be surprised at what their hair looks like a wet cut. For example, curly haired people may find their hair much shorter than intended because of the curly lift.

A dry cut has the hair in its natural state, so how they cut it is how it looks. There’s no surprise in the morning after it dries. Speaking of drying, does it take 24 hours for your hair to dry? That can be annoying for people with lots of hair and dry cutting eliminates that problem.

It’s All the Rage

When you get a dry haircut, you’re getting the hottest style going. Don’t worry about how your hair will look because how it looks when you leave the salon is how it looks for days afterward.

If you want to learn more about dry cutting or dealing with long hair, then explore our site.