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Hair and Makup Tips

4 Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

Are you ready to be Rapunzel? Looking for long, lustrous locks to love? Are you ready to really let your hair down?

Long hair is a commitment that is worth the trouble. If you are in love with long hair, check out these tips for how to keep it looking the best!

1. Beat the Heat

Did you know that heat is actually bad for your hair? Curling irons, straighteners, and even blow drying can all damage hair. Sure, they may give you the cute look you are after for the moment, but the cost is damaged hair that is going to break.

Whether you’re after the beam straight bangs of Kim Kardashian or the bouncy curls of Keri Russell, you can achieve your perfect look without the damage. For curls, foam rollers can do the trick without the heat. If straight is what you’re after, try a straightening hair mask.

If you don’t have the time to let your hair air-dry, try and use your blow dryer on the coolest setting.

2. The Right Brush Makes All The Difference

Brushing your hair the wrong way will only lead to breaks and split ends. Make sure to use a wide-toothed brush. Detangling brushes can be helpful as well.

When you brush, start from the bottom of your long luscious locks and work your way up. This is the best method to make sure you are detangling and not just causing breaks.

For more great tips on keeping your hair tangle-free, check out this article!

3. Don’t Overwash

A healthy scalp promotes hair growth, and washing your hair too often can actually hurt your scalp. Washing your hair too often can strip your scalp of the natural oils it needs in order to keep from drying out. You can go several days without washing your hair and still feel clean, you just need to do things a little differently.

Dry shampoo is a great way to keep your hair clean without drying out your scalp. This aerosol spray cleans hair without the need for water; just spray on and massage in. It will leave you feeling clean and smelling great, and give your scalp a break from the constant washing.

4. Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

What are you doing to keep your hair safe while you sleep? Your hair can actually be damaged from sleeping on it wrong.

Opting for silk pillowcases, which give you a sleeping surface with less friction, will help your hair not to tangle and break as you toss and turn. You can also sleep with your hair in a loose braid when sleeping on other types of pillowcases.

Use a soft scrunchie to fasten your braid and rest soundly knowing that you are protecting your hair while you get your beauty rest.

Long Hair, Do Care!

With the right care and attention, your long hair can be amazing and oh-so-you! Just remember to be patient, long hair takes more time to treat right, but the elegant look is worth the fuss!

If you’re looking to get things trimmed or styled as you grow out your glorious mane, give us a call! We do makeup too!