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low bun wedding hairstyles

5 Low Bun Wedding Hairstyles That Are Easy to Wear

Is your wedding just around the corner?

A study in 2022 showed that 96% of engaged couples felt stressed while preparing for their wedding. For brides-to-be, one of the biggest stresses is looking perfect for the big day.

While bridal dresses can be one stress, another challenge is finding the right wedding hairstyles. How can you keep things simple but also elegant for your wedding?

This quick guide will show you a few low bun wedding hairstyles that’ll make you look your best for the big day!

1. Classic Low Bridal Bun

This is a great style for modern weddings. This works well if you want a minimalist look.

With the low bun, you’ve got three variations to consider. The modern look is a clean look, which usually doesn’t have a texture on the top.

The timeless look has lines and curves at the top of your hair. The romantic look offers a looser bun and gives a more playful look.

2. A Bun With Face Curls

This is another great romantic look and brings out your beautiful facial features. You’ll keep a flat top and part your hair in the middle.

You’ll have one or two curls lying gently on your face. This is an especially great option for summer weddings.

You can complement this bun style with more extravagant bridal earrings.

3. Low Bun With Tendrils

If you’ve got long hair and you like the look of it falling on your face, this is the perfect choice.

This is great for summer and garden party weddings. It works well with bridal dresses with plunged necklines. The bun covers the back of your neck.

The tendrils will freely flow on your face. It’s great if you don’t want to wear large earrings. Rather, this bun draws more attention to your face and gives a youthful appearance.

Make sure you find the right bridal services once you’ve decided which bun style to wear.

4. A Relaxed Bun

Of course, you’ve got to consider which bun style works best with your bridal dress. If you’re going for a sweetheart neckline, then a relaxed bun is the perfect option.

This is also great if you want to wear diamond drop earrings. 

5. A Messy Bun

This is great if you have long and voluminous hair. The bun is large and gives a playful look. This is another great option for summer weddings.

It’s also great if you’re planning for a more colorful wedding. It goes well with large and extravagant earrings.

These Are the Best Low Bun Wedding Hairstyles

Now you can choose among these low bun wedding hairstyles for the big day!

You can’t go wrong with the classic low bun hairstyle. This works for most brides and is great for modern weddings.

For a more playful look, you can choose a bun with curls resting on your face. You can even go for an option with tendrils freely flowing.

Relaxed buns are great for sweetheart necklines. Messy buns work well for voluminous hair. 

Now, where do you find the right hair stylist? Reach out to us at Charleston Hair and Makeup!