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signs of healthy hair

What Are the Important Signs of Healthy Hair?

Even though the average hair strand is incredibly thin, you might be surprised at how tough your hair can be. Research suggests that a full head of hair might be able to hold up to 12 tons of weight!

Of course, that’s only true when you aren’t dealing with brittle strands and breakage. Healthy, keratin-rich hair is shiny, smooth, and less likely to take damage.

Knowing the signs of healthy hair can help you keep your locks resilient, glowing, and strong. Here’s how to tell when your hair is at its best.

Smooth Strands

No matter what kind of hair you have, the texture should be smooth. Rough, knotted, or bumpy strands are always red flags! This is especially true toward the end of each strand.

The smooth texture of healthy hair is thanks to your cuticles. When the cuticles lie flat, the shaft feels smooth to the touch. However, factors like heat, excess sun, and friction can make your cuticles stand up, creating a rougher texture than you’d like.

Shiny Locks

Caring for hair can earn you gorgeous, shiny strands. This shine happens when your hair has enough moisture to flourish.

Proper moisture is also great for your cuticles! When your cuticles are moisturized and lying flat, light can bounce off each strand with more ease. This creates the healthy, glowing look you always enjoy after leaving your favorite Charleston hair salon.

Little Breakage or Shedding

All hair is prone to occasional shedding. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, it’s normal to lose around 50-100 strands of hair per day. This happens as healthy hair strands reach the end of their natural growth cycle, and it makes way for a new strand to grow in the old one’s place.

Breakage, on the other hand, is less common in healthy hair. Split ends and flyaways are often signs that your hair is stressed. Strands may break off after you’ve exposed them to heat, chemicals, or tension.

If you’re seeing significant shedding or breakage, it’s a sign of unhealthy hair!

Easy Detangling

Healthy hair strands with smooth cuticles are easy to brush. Detangling is a breeze when your hair is in good condition, as strands aren’t hard to separate. This is even easier when you’re using healthy hairstyles like braids and neat buns, which keep strands in place without allowing room for movement.

If you notice that you have a hard time detangling your hair, your cuticles may be raised. Rough cuticles catch on each other, making it harder to pull them apart with a brush.

Minimal Frizz

When your cuticles take damage, they’re more likely to react to humidity in the air. Even a hint of moisture can make damaged hair frizz!

If you have healthy hair and smooth cuticles, on the other hand, your hair will have little to no reaction to humidity. Some hair is more prone to frizz than others, but the best hair salon can help any client get healthy, frizz-free hair with a bit of troubleshooting.

Know the Signs of Healthy Hair

Understanding the signs of healthy hair can help you figure out when your hair needs a little extra TLC. Moisturizing dry locks, avoiding heat damage, and using protective hairstyles can help you bring back your hair’s natural bounce and shine.

If you’ve tried all the usual tactics and you’re still wondering how to get healthy hair, give us a visit! Our full-service salon can help you achieve a new style with the healthy locks of your dreams. Book an appointment today or contact us with questions.