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Short Wedding Hair

Wedding Ideas for Short Hair Styles

When you get engaged and start thinking about setting the date, you may be surprised how much needs to be factored in. The weather, venue availability, traveling conflicts for friends and family, and more can make an impact on the final decision. Some brides even want to factor in time so that they can grow their hair out.

However, before you push that date back to grow those locks a little longer, you can enlist professional stylists at a hair and makeup salon in Charleston for ideas. If you love the look of your short style, but want to add a bit of fun and sophistication, here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Try vintage hair accessories and styles

You can make a bob look stunning with a beautiful vintage style hairpin or accessory, and these come in both simple and complex pieces. You can also go with a classic hairdo and find tons of inspiration in old photos of celebrities from the 40’s and 50’s like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Let the stylist at the hair and makeup salon know where you’ve gotten your inspiration and be sure to bring photos if you have any!

Go bold or subtle with a sparkling headband

You can add a touch of sparkle to your short style with simple accessories and headbands, or go bold and bright and make the headband the centerpiece of your look.

Make a statement with a birdcage veil

A birdcage veil looks exceptional with short styles and will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding day look. Be sure that if you are wearing a veil or other accessories that you bring them with you to your trial run at the hair and makeup salon.

Go with a simply styled pixie cut

If you want a simple look for your hair to ensure the focus is on your dress, or you have other accessories you want to highlight such as a piece of jewelry that is a family heirloom, then you can go with a fresh style that can only be achieved at a hair and makeup salon. A stylist will be able to enhance your short strands so they don’t look tired.

Add volume to your short locks

If you have hair that goes below your earlobes, then you’ll have a fun opportunity to add volume and give your style a boost. Curls and waves can be as classy as they are lively, and you should test out a few different looks to find the one that’s right for you.

Schedule a consultation for hair extensions

If you are still determined to have long locks for the wedding but don’t want to set the date back to grow out your hair, then consider hair extensions. Schedule a consultation with a specialist at a hair and makeup salon in Charleston to find out what results you can expect and if they’ll be right for your big day.