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New Hair Look

Want a New Look? Do This Before Going to a Stylist!

There may be times when you walk into a Charleston hair salon, and you just want something different than the same old look you’ve had for a while. Are you ready to make a pretty drastic move? Are you going for a brand new color, a much shorter haircut, or something entirely different than what you already have? It’s fun to try new styles, and it can be a great confidence booster. Here are a few tips on what to do before going to a stylist.

Find a Stylist You Trust

Obviously, you want to make sure you know and trust your stylist at Gibson Hair and Makeup. If you already have a stylist you see regularly and love, you can skip this one, but if you don’t have a stylist, definitely start looking for a professional. It’s probably wise to schedule just a regular hair maintenance appointment with someone first to make sure you communicate well, and you feel like they are up to the task.

Check Out Styles You Like

So maybe you know you want something different, but aren’t sure yet exactly the style you are going for yet. It’s time to start looking for some inspiration. There are all kinds of places to find the styles you like. Tons of websites on the Internet, magazines, television, or even just people watching can introduce you to looks you will love. Pay attention to face shapes and hair textures that are similar to your own, so you have a better idea of how the style will look on you.

Prepare Yourself with Pictures

The best way to communicate what you hope to achieve to your stylist at Gibson Hair and Makeup is to bring pictures so they can see it. It’s very difficult to describe certain looks. Make sure to bring more than one image to really show various ways the style can look and what you hope to achieve. The different hair colors, textures, and lengths can affect the look of the style. If your hair stylist has a few pictures in hand, they will be able to convey to you what yours will look like.

Get Opinions by Sharing Your Vision for Your New Look

Ask friends that you trust how they think a particular style would look on you. Tell them you are seriously considering it, so they really look at you and are thoughtful in their answer. Stylists at the salon in Charleston will often be very honest since they know your texture and habits well.

Be Open to Suggestions

If you are disheartened because a certain look won’t work for your hair, find out what your options are. There may be some barriers such as you have curly hair and the style works better with straight hair, or your hair is too dark to go completely blonde right away. In some cases, the process may simply take longer for you to achieve your look, while others it may be better to check out a few different options.

Pro stylists are very good at finding something similar or explaining the process and time frame it will take to get the exact look you want. It’s always worth it to ask a professional at a Charleston hair and makeup salon if you want to get the best results for your new style.