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Trends in Color Hairdressing: Must-Try Shades and Techniques for the Year

Hair coloring is a unique way to show off your personality. It allows you to physically see a refresh in your style and can be a breath of fresh air. That’s why over 75% of women and 18% of men in America have opted for color hairdressing at one point or another.

The problem is that it’s often difficult to know which color to choose next. With so many colors in the world, which one is the right choice for you?

If you’re looking for the most trendy options to help with your decision, then you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are shades and techniques that’ll help spark creativity and joy in 2024!


Opals are gorgeous gemstones that shift with pastel magic. With this hair dye technique, you’ll have hair that replicates that idea.

While many people choose a pale base color with hues of blue, purple, and pink, you could choose an unexpected color combo too. Since the hair colors all mesh together in a shifting rainbow, cohesive looks are simple to achieve.


Do you love the idea of hair trends that never settle for a single color? This particular technique uses its namesake as inspiration to deliver a style that’s interesting at every angle.

Instead of settling for blonde or brunette, you’ll have a hair color that has multiple shades of both to its advantage. Some people even add hints of red to create more visual appeal.

This technique is a great choice for those with thick hair so that you add extra texture to your style.

Strawberry Blonde

When we say strawberry blonde, we’re talking about more than the traditional color you might first think about. In 2024, people go hard on the strawberry part of this hair dye and add vibrant pink and orange to warm up the mix.

It’s an excellent way to use the trendy color of the year in a modern update that’s still sweet and delicate.


It’s often frightening to dye your hair in a color similar to gray. The key to this color is the small shifts into blue, purple, or even pink.

It’s these extra pops of vibrancy that keep your hair color looking fresh and young. It looks dreamy without being over the top.

Root Melt

Similar to the balayage technique, this one uses the natural tones of your beautiful hair as its base and lightens it towards the end. It’s more subtle than balayage, playing into the ‘melt’ part of the name.

The transition from your natural root color to the lighter color happens in several stages so that it looks as though the darker melts into the lighter.

Taking Color Hairdressing to the Next Level

Whether you choose to opalize your hair or turn it into a caramel dream, you always need to make sure you go to a color hairdressing shop that you can trust.

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