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Tis the Season to Fight Dry and Brittle Hair

Hair is like a delicate flower. In its best condition, your hair is voluminous and vibrant but when withered, that luscious mane can become dry and brittle. With the colder months quickly approaching us, dry, brittle hair is a common occurrence and can be a real nuisance. Dry and brittle hair can be a result of multiple factors and with that are many solutions to keep that gorgeous hair you love so much full of life. No one likes dry, brittle hair, especially the split ends that come with it.

At our salon in Charleston SC, we see women come in all the time with hair that has lost its strength. The cold months are one of the biggest enemies to a healthy hair life. By moving from the cold outside weather to dry indoor heating constantly, hair becomes dehydrated becoming very weak. Our professionals at the hair salon know just the trick to ensure that you avoid this dreadful result. By adding some extra conditioner into your regimen, it adds moisture to your hair keeping it from drying out in the constant switch of temperature. Keeping on the trend with temperature, heat styling your hair is another way to quickly dry it out. Blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons are commonly used every day, but they are moisture life suckers. Our professionals in the hair salon recommend staying away from these tools as often as possible. If you do choose to use a flat iron on your hair, add argan oil to add a heated conditioning treatment. Instead, try letting your hair dry naturally. You will still be able to style it naturally while keeping it healthy.

Thinking about the different products you put in your hair are essential to a healthy scalp. The different types of hair care that we use can either help repair our scalps or strip away the essential oils found within a person’s head. It is vital that when choosing products, you stay away from these hair products that will weaken your hair. Our hair salon in Charleston SC utilizes only quality hair products that moisturize your hair and strengthen it. By simply taking the time to review the hair care product before you choose one to ensure that it won’t ruin those magic locks. Also including a deep conditioning treatment once a week would further aid in strengthening weakened scalps.

Hair can be a delicate and fragile thing. Weak and dry hair can be caused by a number of factors, but it can also be fixed with a little bit of dedicated care. Don’t let these cold months kill your hair game. Instead, take the extra time to focus on healing and repairing those dry split ends.