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The Types of Hair Extensions: 3 Impressive Benefits

Are you thinking about trying out hair extensions? You’re in good company because 34% of women have hair extensions as a part of their beauty regimen!

We’ve researched the different types of hair extensions and the benefits that they can bring. Read now to find out!

Types of Hair Extensions

When choosing hair extensions, you have options for what the hair is made out of and also how you would like them applied. Know that not every application option is a good choice depending on the thickness or thinness of your hair. 

Your options for application are the following:

  • Sew/Hand-Tied
  • Clip
  • Tape
  • Fusion

Human vs Synthetic

Human hair extensions are known to be the best hair extensions and are comprised solely of human hair. Synthetic extensions are made out of polyester, nylon, or acrylic materials and have their benefits as well.

While synthetic extensions mimic human hair, they do ultimately differ in texture and movement. However, they are affordable, available in many colors, and require little styling!

Human hair extensions are the longest-lasting, most natural-looking extensions you can get. They do come at a higher price because they are better quality and also work better with heat than synthetic. Remy hair is a hair extension option that is collected from a donor with the cuticles intact for less tangling.

While you can wear both in the shower, it’s best to only use wig shampoo and conditioner with synthetic extensions. Your style will remain with synthetic while human extensions will need to be reset.

1. Add Length and Volume

Whether you are wanting longer hair because of color damage or the inability to grow it as long as you want to, extensions are the perfect way to give you that long look quickly. Instead of waiting months or years, in a few minutes or hours, you can have hair cascading down your back.

While thin hair is beautiful and fits so wonderfully in a hair tie, many women are looking for that va va voom fullness that thick hair gives. You can choose how many extensions you want, letting you pick just how full you want your hair.

2. Help Harmed Hair

Hair extensions are a great way to hide your damaged ends or a bad haircut. They blend in seamlessly preventing anyone from knowing the difference!

Extensions keep your hair looking healthy and shiny when your natural hair has seen better days. If you’re looking to grow out your natural hair, hand-tied extensions won’t damage the length that you have while giving you the look you want right now.

3. Change It Up

With a variety of colors and lengths, extensions add fun to what would normally be a long or expensive process! You can try so many different looks in a short amount of time.

Sometimes, we have a hard time deciding what we want our look to be, and that’s ok! Clip-in hair extensions are a great choice for those wanting to go from short to long and back again.

Try Hair Extensions Today

Now you know the benefits of hair extensions and have the best information to make your decision! Try out different types of hair extensions and find what works for you.

Try out some hair extensions today. If you’re in the Charleston area, check out our hair salon services and hair extensions.