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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fall Makeup

The fall time is a beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing, people are experimenting with different wardrobes, and makeup palettes change. The fall brings out the darker colors in our professional’s palettes at the makeup salon. While there are some colors you should definitely be wearing, others should remain off the skin until the warmer months.


During the summer months, our professionals at our salon in Charleston SC would love accenting our client’s lips with lighter corals and pinks but now that it’s fall, we are all about burgundy. The great thing about burgundy and maroon is that it goes with most fall colors. We love seeing a deep burgundy lipstick accent an olive-green jacket and some dark denim. The pink shades are great for the green leaves and sunny weather but have no place when the layers start to come out.

Nail Color

Moving to the darker side of the color wheel means that you have to put away those neon nail polishes and bring out the neutrals. Ten neon pink fingers won’t quite match with the gloomy days and cloudy skies that the fall weather brings. A nice grey or nude will not only fit right along with the changing weather, but it will also perfectly accent the different colors you use for your makeup.

No More Bronzer

We all know the saddest part about the colder months is that there is not enough sun to keep that tan you worked so hard on all summer long. NO fear, embrace that paleness. Paleness is beautiful and if done properly, can be highlighted quite nicely. Our professionals at the makeup salon say that adding some rosy pink blush that can complement those cheeks. Changing color palettes and keeping trying to keep the brown contour won’t match one another but accenting your paleness will all around complete your look this fall.

Focus on Moisturizing Products

At our salon in Charleston SC, our professionals always use products that keep your skin hydrated, and we focus on this especially once the weather begins to get colder. When buying new products once it has been getting cold, read the ingredients being used to ensure that there isn’t anything that will aid in drying out your skin. The weather will do that for you. Look for hydrating qualities in the products you buy so that your skin will stay nice and moist.


Last but certainly not least, make sure you go out and get a new foundation. It is tempting to keep the one you have been holding onto during the hotter months, but your skin will be getting lighter. You will need to find something that matches your color once you have lost that tan or just ditch it all together. There will no need to fake that tan once it is already lost. It will be better to focus on keeping that skin hydrated since that will be the primary battle during the cold months.