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ombre hair colors

The Best Ombre Hair Colors and Styles for Short Hair

Are you ready for a new year, a new look, a new you? Want to try something other than your usual recipe of root cover-up plus highlights?

Then you should consider ombre hair colors. They’re different enough to make you feel like a new person, but they don’t involve dying your whole head (unless you want them to).

We’re giving you some inspiration for ombre hairstyles and ombre hair color ideas below.

What Does Ombre Mean?

You’ve seen ombre hair colors out there. You just may not have known what to call it. The word itself is French and means “shaded.” In the arts, this term means colors that shift but blend into each other.

And that’s precisely what ombre means in hair terms too. It’s the meeting of two colors that gradually transition into each other. The resulting look is blended and graceful – the opposite of the early 2000s dip-dyed ends trend.

What are the Most Popular Ombre Hair Colors?

Like any trend, the most popular colors change over the years. But since many people are limited to natural hair colors because of their job, there are color combination classics.

Reverse Ombre: Light to Dark

The great thing about an ombre style is that it grows out beautifully. If you’re blonde and want to go darker for winter, you can go closer to brunette at your tips while keeping your roots light.

That means you don’t have to constantly dye your roots like you would with any all-over color.

Going from light to dark is called a “reverse ombre.”

Classic Ombre: Dark to Light

Only two percent of people are naturally blonde into adulthood. That means almost every blonde you see out there is either a rarity or a bottle blonde. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! 

If you’re one of the 98% of people who have dark hair or have grown out of their youthful blonde, a classic ombre is a great choice.

Whether you go from dark brown to light brown, from auburn to strawberry blonde, from light blonde to rose gold, or from dirty blonde to a beachy tone – the choices are almost endless.

Have black hair? You’re not left out. There are some gorgeous black to silver ombre styles that are all over Instagram right now. Ask your stylist for more information.

Bright Ombre: Any Color of the Rainbow

Are you ready to stand out? To turn heads wherever you go? Then a rainbow or bright ombre is a good choice for you.

There are really no limits to what you can do with bright ombre – only your personal preferences and the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Ombre Hair Colors for Short Hair: An Impactful and Affordable Choice

The less hair you have, the less it will cost to change your look. These ombre hair colors are all doable on short hair, and an ombre look is a great choice if you’re trying to grow your hair out, as the roots are mostly left alone.

Whether you have a picture in hand of exactly what you want or you need some more time to decide, you can book your hair appointment in Charleston online now.

We can’t wait to see the final result!