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Men's Hair

The Benefits of Choosing A Salon for Men

Let’s be honest guys, how often do you consider going to the hair salon for a fresh, new cut? A lot of the male population views a hair salon where females go to get that new color and cut or shampoo/conditioning treatment, but our hair salon does so much more. Our professionals take the same level of care with each and every one of our male clients. Men should be just as invested in their personal care as anyone else, and our professionals take the time to help achieve the look they are desiring. As a male, you may think a barber is the best route to go for your next haircut, but let us give you three great reasons for why the salon should be home to your next look.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

Long hair is no longer just for the ladies. More and more men are rocking those long luscious manes, and our stylists love seeing them come through the door. Unlike a barber shop, stylists at a salon are more accustom to working with long hair and have a better understanding as to how it should be styled.  Working with split ends, knowing how much length should be cut off, and the end result of what each client wants is a specialty that our professionals provide to the men that come in with long hair.

Keep it Trendy

At our salon in Charleston SC, the stylists stay in touch with every trend and new style that comes along. On the surface level, it may seem that men’s hairstyles are all the same, but if you dig you will find that the variety of styles available is quite extensive. Most barbershops stick to the run of the mill cuts that many men receive but for unique styles, a hair salon is more equipped to give a client what he is looking for. So next time you are looking to get that fresh pompadour, step into the salon.

Great Advice

We have clients come into our salon in Charleston SC looking to try something new and different but do not know quite which route they should take. Talk to one of our professionals! They have fantastic recommendations and love to give their input on what they think would look best on each individual client. Our stylists work with hair every day and are in the loop with what styles are popular. We strive to provide each individual client with something they will love when they walk out of the salon. Working closely with the ideas they bring to our stylists and fine-tuning them to achieve this goal is one major part of the great job they do.

A new hairstyle is something special. People feel different with a fresh haircut or when they try something entirely new. This is why professional hair stylists take their jobs very seriously and look forward to working with every client in achieving something special. Men are no different to this claim. A guy with a fresh cut feels like he is on top of the world and is on top of the world. So if you are a guy or know a guy looking to mix things up in the hair world, try a salon. You won’t be disappointed!