Should You Change Your Hair Color Before Your Wedding Day?

When it comes to your wedding day, you’ll be making A LOT of decisions, and how you wear your hair is going to be one of them. However, as you visit the hair and makeup salon in Charleston that specializes in weddings and look at magazines for wedding style ideas, you may begin to wonder if you should change your hair color. Maybe you want to freshen up your natural look, or perhaps you are ready for a dramatic makeover as you enter married life. Before you make the decision official though, here are four questions to ask yourself.

How drastic are the color changes going to be?

Take into account how drastic the change in hair color is going to be. Maybe you want to add a few highlights to complement your natural color and the season your getting married in or perhaps you are hoping to cover a few bits of gray that are starting to show. In this case, changing your hair color may be a good move. However, if you want to drastically change your hair color from a brunette to blonde, you’ll need to think long and hard about it. Speak with a professional at a hair salon in Charleston about your goals and to learn more about the process and timeframes.

Does the hair color change make sense for the rest of your wedding look?

While there will be many moments in life that you’ll want to change your hair color, you need to take careful consideration when your hair is part of an entire look. Make sure you are taking into account your makeup, wedding gown, shoes, flowers, and everything in between that will give you the look you love.

Is changing your hair color often part of your beauty routine?

If you are notorious for changing your hair color, it may not be stressful for you to make a move right before your wedding. However, if you’ve dyed your hair a total of two times in twenty years, you could be setting yourself for a stressful experience. While it’s your choice if you want to adjust your hair color, make sure you are prepared for the results, and you give yourself plenty of time to correct it if you aren’t happy.

Have you enlisted a professional hair salon in Charleston to change the color?

The most important piece of advice you can follow is to enlist a professional colorist at a hair salon in Charleston if you want to change it up before your wedding. Not only do you get expert advice, but you’ll have confidence knowing that they’re skilled with the best techniques and quality dyes. Be sure you don’t grab a box of dye at the grocery store or let a friend attempt the color change. A pro colorist will take your wedding look as serious as you and won’t make rookie mistakes.

Reach out to a hair and makeup salon in Charleston that has wedding experience and schedule an appointment to learn more about changing your hair color before walking down the aisle.