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best haircuts for oval faces

Lucky You: 5 Best Haircuts for Oval Faces

Did you know that there are technically 8 types of face shapes? Each one has its own unique beauty, and you need to know the best haircuts for your face shape to highlight yours.

Maybe you just got done figuring out what face shape you have; it’s oval.

So what now? Here are the 5 best haircuts for oval faces.

1. Pixie Cut

Since you have a longer face, a pixie will definitely suit your face shape. With most other face shapes, pixie cuts can shrink the appearance of your face and head, but with an oval one, it’ll balance out perfectly.

What’s great about this haircut is it’s super versatile. It works on curly, straight, thick, and wavy hair. And you can style it however you want to suit your personality, whether that’s slicked back or spiked.

2. Pompadour

If pixie cuts are too daringly short for you, then the next best thing is the pompadour haircut. It’s still pretty short, but it has a bit more length and more personality to it.

Typically, the sides are shaved and the middle part is a bit longer and teased up with some gel. It’s a fun and flirty look that’s low maintenance as well.

3. Shag

The shag haircut is excellent if you want a casual beachy look. It consists of some layers and choppy ends.

Every morning, all you have to do is spritz a salt spray into your hair and scrunch it up messily with your hands. It’ll look like you either just rolled out of bed or finished with an early start surfing on the coast.

4. Add Bangs

Like your current hairstyle but want to change it up a bit? Then cut some bangs!

Your face shape is ideal for any type of bangs. This means you can get them straight across or swept to the side. It also means you can go for anything from thin to thick-cut bangs. 

The only thing you need to watch out for is making them too short. Ideally, you’ll want them to just barely touch your eyebrows.

5. Long and Straight

If you’re not a fan of putting lots of care into your hair and you have naturally straight hair, consider just growing it out. Long and straight hair will complement your face shape perfectly and give you a very mature look.

If your hair’s currently short and you don’t have the patience to grow it out, think about getting hair extensions. This can instantly give you length that won’t appear unnatural at all.

Consider Getting the Best Haircuts for Oval Faces

Now that you know what the best haircuts for oval faces are, the next step to take is committing to one! Once you’ve picked one that speaks to you, you definitely won’t regret giving yourself this hair makeover.

Have these haircuts inspired you to become the new you? Then book an appointment with us now!