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Curly salon hair

Let’s Make Those Curls Stick

Every girl knows the struggle of making those curls that your work so hard on at the beginning of a day to last through an entire day. In the beginning, they are just what you want: flawless and bouncy but at the end of the day, they are just flat. Our stylists at the hair salon hear about this issue all the time and experience it themselves. Have no fear, there are some tips that can help in this area that will give those curls the extra boost they need to last you all day long!

The First Key is in the Shower

Curling your hair is best done when you have second or third-day hair because your hair at that point has less moisture and will hold the curl better. However, if you need a shower on the day you want to curl your hair take these steps to ensure those curls will stick with you all day. Avoid the conditioner bottle. Our professionals in the hair salon say don’t use a conditioner that day to avoid any extra moisture or softness in your hair that will turn the curls flat. This is why second or third-day hair is best to curl with because the grit and natural oils in your scalp tend to hold the curls up better.

Using the Right Products

One reason many women experience dead curls by the end of the day is that they didn’t use the right products during the process. For starters, use a heat protectant before applying any heat styling to your hair. These types of products can be found at most drug-stores or even at our salon in Charleston, SC. Styling products are a must when doing any styling to your hair, but they can come especially in handy when curling. By applying a little mousse before curling or hairspray throughout the process, you will give your hair that rough texture needed to hold the curls in all day. If you choose the hairspray route, just mist your scalp with the spray so that your curls don’t get crunchy.

When You Still Can’t Get Your Hair to Curl

So what does it mean when you’ve tried all the tricks in the book, and you still can’t get the curls to hold throughout the day? Usually, this is your hair screaming for help. When your hair is overly damaged, then it won’t hold a style well. For the short-term solution, a deep condition will give some life back to your hair and reverse some of the damage. The alternative option, the better choice, is to come see our professionals at the salon in Charleston, SC for a trim. A trim will get rid of those split-ends and help your hair grow back healthier. If you are worried about getting a few snips off the bottom of your hair, don’t be. Getting a trim actually will make your hair grow back faster. The perfect curls aren’t impossible, it just takes the right type of care.