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Inches! Inches! Inches! How to Choose the Correct Length of Hair Extensions

Whether it’s long and layered, shoulder-kissing lobs, or bringing the seventies back, long hair is one of 2021’s biggest hairstyle trends. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones blessed with glorious mane growth during the quarantine months, there’s no need to despair. You can still get in on the long hair craze with hair extensions now that things are opening back up!

Not sure how to find the best length for your hair extensions? No worries! Our guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Consider Your Style

When you buy human hair extensions that let you play with hairstyles, knowing how you usually wear your hair is critical to finding the right length. If your style is tapered, layered, or trimmed, then you’ll want to consider longer extensions.

This also holds true if you usually curl your hair, as curls can subtract some inches from your locks. Longer hair extensions can allow for more voluptuous updos but can feel heavier, even though it weighs at most an ounce or two.

However, if you don’t intend to do much with your hair, going for something shorter should be more than enough length.

Where Does Your Hair Fall?

The rule of thumb for most clip in hair extensions is to keep them within four inches or so of your natural hair length to make it blend better. There’s nothing saying you can’t go longer, but you run the risk of the extensions looking fake if you do.

If your hair’s shorter than shoulder-length, sixteen-inch extensions are a safe bet for maximum length and fullness. However, if it’s longer than shoulder length, you should consider buying something around the same length as your hair. Whatever your choice, one of our skilled stylists will help you make it look fabulous.

Face Shape and Height

As with any other hair styling venture, your face shape and height should come into consideration. Longer extensions might look gorgeous and flattering on a taller person, but make a shorter person seem out of proportion. Your extensions should serve to highlight your best facial features, and so should frame your face well.

Longer extensions will help balance out a rounder face, while shorter ones might complement a longer face. Ask your stylist for more input before making your choice!

Quick Measuring Method

If you want to get a basic idea of where various hair extensions might sit on your frame, here’s a quick measuring method. Take a measuring tape and hold it at ear-level at the marker for your desired extension length. Let it go, and watch where the end of the tape falls.

That should give you a decent idea of how the extensions will fall for you.

Ready for Your New Hair Extensions?

Whether you want to invest in hair extensions, a fresh color, or a new haircut, the trained stylists at Charleston Hair and Makeup are here for you! Contact us or book online today to make your style goals a reality!