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blonde colored hair

How to Care for Blonde Colored Hair

Did you know that one in three women colored their own hair for the first time at home during the quarantine? While some women chose to branch out with fun colors, others dyed their hair to cover grays or roots, and others went with more natural colors. 

If you’ve recently dyed your hair blonde, it’s important to learn how to maintain the color, so it doesn’t become dull and brassy. Keep reading for tips on how to care for your blonde-colored hair. 

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s easy to get things wrong when it comes to washing your hair. From knowing how long to leave products on and how often to use them, it can feel like a lot. But one of the worst things you can do is not consider your hair color when choosing a shampoo and conditioner.

Wander down your local shampoo aisle, and you will find shampoos for volume, shampoos for color-treated hair, shampoos for curly hair, shampoos for blondes, and more. The options can feel endless as you try to decide. It can be tempting to grab a five-dollar bottle of shampoo and go with it, but that is a mistake.

After spending money to get your hair the perfect color, protect your investment and choose the right shampoo and conditioner.  

So what should you pick for blonde hair? Choose shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made for blonde hair; for example, Paul Mitchell has a line of shampoos that are specifically formulated for color-treated hair and natural blondes. 

If you want to avoid the blonde, white, or silver tones of your hair from becoming brassy, you will need to use a purple shampoo and conditioner one to two times a week. 

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Coloring your hair can cause damage to it. Fortunately, there are ways you can minimize that damage. Making sure to give your hair the love it needs, is important. 

Keep your hair from becoming overly dry and brittle by utilizing a daily leave-in conditioner. Just like your other products, be sure to choose one that’s specifically made for blondes.  

Protect Your Hair From Heat

We get it; you want to look good. But, hot tools like straighteners can cause damage to your hair. The bad news is, that damage can be worse for blondes. 

The good news is, you can still use hot tools on your hair if you use the right products. If you’re planning to use hot tools on your hair, make sure to use a heat protectant spray before you start styling. 

Protect Your Hair From the Sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun isn’t just dangerous to your skin; it’s also dangerous to your hair. UVA and UVB rays have the ability to damage the cuticle of your hair. This can cause discoloration, broken or split ends, thinning, frizziness, and dry and brittle strands. 

If you want to keep your hair looking great, cover it up with a scarf or hat if you’re planning on being outside. 

Protect Your Hair When Swimming

Blondes have more fun, but you don’t want your swimming fun to get ruined by discoloration in your hair. When you’re going swimming, make sure to put your favorite conditioner in your hair. 

Doing so will help create a barrier between the chlorine or saltwater and your hair. When you’re done swimming, make sure to rinse your hair as soon as you can. This will help get rid of any residue. 

If you start to notice that your hair is becoming discolored, use a clarifying shampoo to help remove buildup. 

Make an Appointment for Blonde-Colored Hair Today

Make sure to keep your luscious blonde-colored hair beautiful by visiting your stylist and following the tips above. 

Contact us for an appointment and get ready to love your hair again.