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how to make thin hair look thicker

Hair Styling Secrets: How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Many people dream of long, luxurious locks. Cultures internationally covet this look. Yet genetics plays favorites, and many of us end up with a headful of limp, thin hair.

There are ways, though, to trick the eyes and make your hair look thicker than it is. Keep reading to learn how to make thin hair look thicker. 

Create Shadow Roots

Colorists agree that shades from most color families can work on just about any head of hair. The trick in making the colorwork depends on what methods the colorists used. 

To make hair look thicker, a colorist should avoid a stark line of demarcation between roots and the color. Instead, they should add shadow roots or contrasting colors. This gives the illusion of density to any head of hair. 

A shadow root will create depth and multiple tones, giving your hair a 3D effect. You also create more leeway for your hair to grow out since the roots are dyed darker. 

Contour the Hair

In the same way that you can contour your makeup, you can also contour your hair. Creating light and dark colors will complement your face shape. The right color combination will create a push-and-pull effect by shadowing and highlighting in the right places. 

You no longer have single-process hair color with this effect. A single color will create a flat look that lacks the dimension you want. The right colors in contrast will work together to create depth. 

You can pair light brown hair with golden brown, chestnut, and caramel brown. In the right spots around the face, the color will highlight your face shape and make your hair look luxuriously thick. 

Use Quality Tools

The right tools will protect what thickness you have. For example, use a wet brush designed to protect your roots. Such a brush will keep you from pulling your hair out just to work out the tangles. 

High-quality heat tools also help. These cost a bit of money upfront, but ultimately, they save your hair and save you money in styling. Plus, if you have tools that damage your hair, you have few options other than getting it cut. 

If you have fine or thin hair, protect it with the right heat products. The right tools will speed up the heat-styling process and protect your hair. The heat should help your hair stay hydrated and not dry it out. 

Seek Out an Expert In How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker 

The right stylists will know how to make thin hair look thicker. They will use contouring and shadow techniques that create the illusion of thicker hair. They also will understand how the right tools, be they brushes or curlers, will protect your hair and keep it healthy. 

Furthermore, the right hair salon in Charleston will understand how to create hairstyles for thin hair, giving it the illusion of thickness and maximizing its full potential. 

Making Thin Into Thick

See out the professionals that know how to make thin hair look thicker. Ask questions about the color techniques the stylists use. They should have pictures of clients whose hair looks fabulous. 

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