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Hair Color Remover Tips for Safety and Sanity

Are you wondering whether it’s safe to use hair color remover at home?

Some people want to avoid the price associated with going to the salon to get their hair color removed. This is especially true if they don’t like the hair dye work salons have done in the past. As such, they might turn to at-home hair dye remover solutions. 

Yet, if you want to get rid of your hair dye, you need to know if it’s safe to do it at home. Below, we’ll get into everything you need to know about removing your hair dye at home. Keep reading to learn more and get the most out of your change in color!

Using a Hair Color Remover

You can buy hair color remover kits online or at the store. These give people an easy way to get rid of a dye job gone bad. The kits often contain instructions on how to take the dye out of your hair.

When you use them, you apply the product to your hair and work it all the way through. It then strips out the artificial coloring. 

Yet, you might not get perfect final results, either. Stripping the color out of your hair doesn’t always restore it to its original color. Peroxide-based dyes lighten your hair once they’re applied. So, your stripped hair color might not match your natural hair. The more you dye, the less likely you are to get a perfect match.

Hair color removers won’t reverse bleached hair, either. 

If you’ve already tried this technique and don’t like your hair color, go to the salon. Your hairdresser should have the ability to fix it for you!

Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Hair Color

If the idea of putting a color-stripping substance on your head scares you, you can try some more natural ways of getting rid of hair color. 

People have tried many different remedies. Some common ones include: 

  • Putting vitamin C in shampoo
  • Washing your hair with dish soap
  • Apply baking soda to your hair
  • Soaking your hair in lemon juice (this will lighten it)
  • Using anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Letting the color fade on its own and not using any color-enhancing or protecting shampoo

Still, this doesn’t ensure that you get the color you want at the end of the day. Most of these approaches take a long time. So, you will have to take deal with a less-than-ideal hair color until you get it all out.

Want Your Hair Color Removed?

If you’re thinking about using a hair color remover, you should call a salon right away.

When you want to change hair color options, you should always contact a professional. People who work at salons have undergone extensive training on the proper way to remove and apply color. They’ll do so in ways that protect your hair and keep it healthy and fantastic-looking!

Ready to experience a whole new hair color? Contact our salon today to see what we can do for you!