Flawless Wedding Makeup

Hair and Makeup Tips for Flawless Wedding Photos (at any time of day)

There is no question that wedding photos are an important part of your big day. When the celebrations are over, it is so wonderful to have pictures of all those great memories. It’s no wonder that brides everywhere want to make sure they look their very best when it’s time to snap those photos, and the first step is enlisting the help of a Charleston hair and makeup salon. Beyond enlisting the salon for help, here are a few tips to make sure your hair and makeup look amazing in your wedding pictures.

Consider the Timing

After your stylist at the Charleston hair salon finishes your hair and makeup, one of the first things you want to do is have your photographer take some pictures. This is when your hair and makeup will be looking its very best. Don’t wait to take all your photos after the ceremony. If you don’t want to see the groom, at least have some pictures taken by yourself or with your bridesmaids.

Use an Experienced Salon

When it comes to your wedding photos, nobody is going to have more knowledge about how to make sure you look your best than a professional stylist at a reputable hair salon in Charleston. Since they do this every day, they know what hairstyle and makeup products are the most photogenic and what will work best for your particular look. They will be able to tell you which hair and makeup styles are going to last through your reception and give you amazing tips on touching up throughout the day.

Think about Candid Photos

Not all wedding photos are professional. Everyone is a photographer these days with cell phones, so you will be in many candid photos. While not all of these will be posed and perfect, these candid photos will be some of your favorite memories. Make sure you look picture ready by touching up your hair and makeup throughout the day and night. A makeup artist at the Charleston salon can give you tips on how long to go in between getting out your makeup bag. Even though you want to focus on your friends and family, take time to glance in a mirror often just to make sure everything looks good for those surprise snapshots.

Be True to You

If you normally hate photos of yourself when your hair is up, wear your hair down for your wedding. Just because you feel like it’s a formal event and you should have an updo doesn’t mean it’s a rule. If you feel yourself getting talked into a certain style just because it’s more “in” or what’s expected, you will want to rethink your decision. Wear your hair similar to the way you generally love it in pictures, and you will be much happier with your wedding photos.

Trust Your Stylist

You might think your blush is a little too dark or your lipstick a little bright, but if your stylist tells you the reason is for your photos, definitely listen. If you aren’t sure, take a few trial pictures so you can see what they are talking about. Trial photos will give you a good idea what your photos will look like and how much makeup you need to be wearing. If you love the heavier makeup for the pictures, but not the rest of the day, consider toning down your makeup for th after-ceremony celebrations. Your stylist will have lots of ideas to make sure you look your best in your pictures and all-day long.


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