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Hair and Makeup Tips For Amazing Looking Bridesmaids

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Stress levels can get high when you’re planning a wedding, but the one thing you can count on is your bridesmaids going through the thick and thin of it with you. So, when it’s time to make a few selections for your girls, you should have their best interest in mind, as well as how you want their look to compliment the wedding. Here are a few pro hair and makeup salon tips that will leave your bridesmaids looking amazing and feeling happy.

Listen to your bridesmaids

It can be easy to get caught up in all of the decision-making and timeframes, but take a beat and meet with your bridesmaids to discuss their ideas for hair and makeup. Because no one is going to know their hair better than them, you can go over the styles you want them to wear, and find out if there is any reason why it wouldn’t work. Trust that your girls will tell you if they know that their thin hair won’t last for twelve hours in a particular ‘do, or that they’ll look washed out with a certain lip color.

Speak with makeup and hair salons ahead of time

Before deciding that you want all of your bridesmaids to have French braids with babies breath in them because you saw it in a magazine when you were ten, speak with pro hair stylists at makeup and hair salons. This way, you’ll ensure that the hair you are envisioning will complement the neckline of the dresses, as well as the accessories.

You’ll also want to involve a make up and hair specialist because they can provide you with a unified look for your bridesmaids. When you let your ladies do their own hair and makeup, you may find yourself critical because your expectations were set a little higher than the styling abilities of your buddies. Hiring a pro will take the stress off, and you’ll know that your girls will all have the same look (and it will match the theme of your wedding).

Compliment the individual look of your bridesmaids

As mentioned above, you do want unity when it comes to hair and makeup for your bridesmaids, but you don’t need everyone to look identical. You can’t expect all of the ladies in your wedding to look wonderful in the exact same up ‘do and makeup. That would be like ordering five dresses in a size six and expecting everyone to fit perfectly in them. Hair texture, skin tone, the design of the dresses, and a few more elements need to be factored into the look of the individual so that everyone feels and looks great.

If you’re getting married and want to ensure your bridesmaids look beautiful and compliment each other’s looks, then get in touch with our hair salon in Charleston, SC. At Gibson Hair and Makeup, we specialize in weddings and know how important this day is. When you look back on your pictures for years to come, you’ll love that you invested in professional hair and makeup (and so will your bridesmaids).