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Get the Perfect Charleston Hair Extensions for Your Style

According to research, 76% of women get hair extensions to improve their overall appearance. Do you dream of having voluminous hair or extra length? Then hair extensions could be for you. 

Knowing what to look for when choosing your hair extensions is essential. The color, style, and material will give you a different look. Also, remember hair extensions should blend into your hair so that no one knows you have them. To achieve the best results, follow the tips in this guide. 

Identifying the Right Color and Texture

You will struggle to find an exact color and hair type match in a store with pre-packaged extensions. However, a salon can ascertain the exact color match to ensure the extensions aren’t noticeable in your hair. 

There’s an easy way to identify your hair type. Take a strand of hair and put it on a table. You have fine hair if the strand is barely visible and thick hair if you can clearly see it.

Taking a closer look, can you see the texture of the strand? If so, you have thick, coarse hair. The next step is to determine the density of your hair. For example, you may have fine hair but lots of it.

So, take a front section of your hair and move it to the side. You have thin hair density if you can see lots of your scalp and thicker hair density if the scalp is less visible. 

Natural or Synthetic Hair Extensions

Natural hair extensions are made from real human hair; you can style and use products on them. They are durable and last much longer than clip in hair extensions that are synthetic.

However, if for any reason you cannot wear the natural version, synthetics can still give your style a refresh. Please be aware that you cannot use heated styling tools on synthetic hair. 

Why Salon Extensions Are the Best

With a dedicated hair salon, you can ask questions about the origins of their natural hair products. They will also ensure that there is an exact color and texture match. For example, we custom order our natural hair extensions to suit each client.

Charleston hair extensions should be applied professionally to ensure a seamless connection. We’ll apply, cut, dry, and style your hair with the extensions to achieve your dream look. In addition, our prices include a two-week follow-up meeting. 

Why Get Hair Extensions in Charleston

The best hair extensions increase thickness and length and give a bouncy, voluminous look. They are ideal for special occasions such as weddings or parties. In addition, hair extensions can give your summer look a refresh.

Please note the process of getting hair extensions at our Charleston hair salon can take up to four weeks. This is because your bespoke natural hair extensions take two weeks to arrive. We’ll then install them and have the final follow-up meeting two weeks later. 

Introduce the New You With Hair Extensions

Having the hair you dream of will increase your self-confidence. That’s why we think getting perfect hair extensions is so important. So, we’ve given you the information you need to choose ones to suit your hair. But, remember, trained professionals in a salon will give you the best results. 

We’re here to give you the ultimate hair extensions. So, start your hair extension journey in Charleston, SC, by filling out this online application today.