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Wedding Hair

Enhance Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial With These 5 Tips


If you’re a bride, then odds are you take your wedding hair and makeup trial pretty seriously. After all, this is your chance to visit with a Charleston salon to see what looks best on you and to get some excellent advice to ensure that you look fantastic throughout the duration of the big event. However, some brides find their trial run becomes a little more chaotic and less productive than they hoped for, leaving them a bit more stressed than relieved about how they will look on the wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you take the stress off and make the most of your hair and makeup trial.

Leave opinionated friends at home

We all have them – friends and family members that are not going just to express their opinion, but are going to go overboard. It’s fine to bring a few friends to the hair and makeup salon with you, but leave the ones at home that always have a negative opinion or may not share the same tastes as you when it comes to appearances. This way you can evaluate yourself without too many voices floating around the room. Bring someone that you trust and will be honest, but not someone that will have an issue with your look no matter what the results.

Take pictures of the results

Once the trial is complete be sure you snap a few pictures that you can go back and look at — and make sure you take them from all angles. The photos will be a great way to get opinions from friends and family that couldn’t be with you because they live far away or you simply didn’t bring them along. Plus, it allows you to take a few days away and then go back and look at your hair and makeup with fresh eyes.

Take notes about the technicalities

Bring a small notebook with you to the Charleston salon and write down things like how long it takes, how long the results last after you leave, how you look in the different light throughout the day, and other factors that you need to consider. Make sure you wear white that day so that you can see what your makeup looks like against the color you’ll be wearing at the wedding.

Talk about price

Let your stylist know your budget and see what services fall under that number. Once you learn what your options are during the trial, you can then go up and down from there and decide if you want to enlist the salon for more services or if you need to scale back. And don’t forget to factor in the tip!

Ask the pros for prep tips and products

As you go through your wedding hair and makeup trial, communicate with the stylist about tips that will help keep you prepared. You should also find out about the products you can use at home and take with you to the wedding so that you’re ready if you should need a touch-up.