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Beauty tips

artist contouring girl's face

Basic Contouring for Your Face Shape

Whether a client comes to our makeup salon for their wedding day, a special event, or just to get a makeover, contouring is always part of what our professionals offer to define areas of each client’s face. Over the last few years, contouring and highlighting have become its own world in the beauty industry, and we want to share the tricks to contouring for your specific face shape.

Here at Charleston Hair and Makeup, we love giving our clients any tips about how to correctly accent and define their facial features when they visit the salon, but we also want to help all of our readers who can’t make it into the salon. Everyone has a unique face shape and that is what determines where you need to focus on contouring so that you are defining/reshaping the correct areas.

For Heart Shape Faces

At Charleston Hair and Makeup, we understand that everyone has different face shape and that affects where you need to contour for optimal results. For those of you out there with heart-shaped faces, contouring along the sides of your forehead where your temples are will create a good balance between the upper and lower half of your face. The tip of your chin and the area directly below your cheekbones are the other areas that will give you a well-balanced contour to accentuate all of your facial features.

For Round Shaped Faces

Contouring for round face shapes is very similar to those of you with heart-shaped faces except for one major difference. When contouring the cheekbones, start at your ears, work your way down to the middle of your cheeks, and then curve down to your jawline. This will help define your jawline and give those cheekbones a pop.

For Square Shaped Faces

Our professionals in the makeup salon say that for a good contour on square faces, start with the sides of your forehead. You then will want to hit your cheekbones starting from your ears to the lower-end of your cheekbones. This is pretty much similar to heart and round shaped faces, the only difference is where this will actually lie on your face. The major difference for square- shaped faces is contouring under your jawbone. Since this is a feature that really distinguishes this face shape, adding some contour there will keep it a well-defined area along with the other areas you are going to hit.

Contouring is nothing new, but it is something that not everyone quite understands how to properly do. Everyone’s face shape is unique in their own way, and these following tips are just that, tips. Although they are a good line of reference, experiment with it for yourself. Find what really accentuates your face properly. This area takes some time to perfect but once you have found what works with your face then there is nothing that can stop you.