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Amazing Makeup Techniques We Can Teach You Today

Did you know the cosmetics industry may be worth 758.4 billion dollars by 2025? With so many different makeup trends, it can be difficult to know where to begin and which products to purchase.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the different makeup techniques you need to know to create a look you love? Are you tired of experimenting with makeup and not getting the results you want?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’ve probably already scouted every possible video on the internet for tips and tutorials. Although watching makeup videos can give you a good understanding of what to do, nothing beats learning all the trends and techniques from a professional makeup artist. 

So, if you’ve been looking for a pro to guide you through all of the latest trends in makeup, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for four of the top makeup artist techniques that we can help you master today.


Contouring is the makeup technique you’ll need to know if you are looking to sculpt your face and add some dimension to your facial features. You can use a cream, stick, or powder contouring product to strategically add shades to your face in areas like the bridge of your nose and cheekbones.

Then, you can add some concealer and highlighter to accentuate the areas of your face that attract light naturally. 

Doing a Smokey Eye

A smokey eye is an impactful eyeshadow technique that creates dimension in the eyes and ties your entire makeup look together. A smokey eye can be as simple or as complicated as you want- the key to this look is to add a darker shade to the outer corner of your eye to deepen the look. 

For a professional-looking smokey eye, you’ll want to combine a few shades and textures and blend everything seamlessly. 

Applying False Lashes

No eye look is completed without a pair of false lashes! However, applying these can often be a big struggle, so having a professional artist teach you can be a gamechanger.

To successfully apply false lashes, you first have to measure them out so that they fit your eye. Then, you need to apply lash glue and let it dry until it’s tacky before attempting to put them over your lashline.

Finally, you have to strategically place them over your lashes so that the faux hairs and your real ones blend seamlessly. 

Doing Your Eyebrows

Filling in your eyebrows is one of the most basic makeup techniques many people struggle with.

The key to mastering brows is to brush them out first. Then, use your favorite brow product to fill in any gaps and shape them. Finally, go over the edges with some concealer, and set your work using a brow gel!

Become a Master at These Makeup Techniques

These five techniques are essential to creating professional-looking makeup. Whether you struggle with contouring, filling in your eyebrows, applying false lashes, doing a smokey eye, or all of the above, consulting with a professional can help you bring your makeup game to the next level. 

Want to master all of these makeup techniques? Contact us today to learn more about our makeup lessons!