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6 Common Hair Extension Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Everyone wants their own set of luscious locks. The kind that blows in the wind, glimmers in the sun, and smells like an ocean breeze. But how do you get those when your hair isn’t willing to cooperate? 

Waiting for your hair to grow to a healthier length is an option, but extensions are the quicker solution. They’ll give your hair the natural fullness you desire and might even smell like that ocean breeze. Just remember they require special care, just like your hair. 

If you’re hoping to learn more about hair extension mistakes and how to avoid them, you’ve come to the right place. Your hair extension guide is right below. 

1. Getting Too Rough With Them 

Before getting extensions of your own, it’s important to take note of their sensitivity. They made not be made of your hair, but they still break, tangle, and shed like normal hair. The only difference is their inability to grow back. 

When you go to brush your hair, start at your roots and gently run the proper brush through it. If your find yourself face to face with severe tangles or knots, use a detangling spray to loosen them. Gentler hair extension maintenance will give them a longer lifespan and save you the expense of purchasing a new set. 

2. Choosing the Wrong Shade 

Hair extensions are supposed to appear natural. In other words, there should be no evidence that the extensions are not yours. This is why it’s important to ensure your extension shade matches your natural hair.

If you can, discuss hair extension shades with your stylist before your appointment. This method is your best chance of finding the proper shade. 

3. Washing Your Extensions Too Soon

Once your extensions are applied, you should wait at least 3 days before washing your hair. Washing too soon will interfere with the bonding process, making it harder for the extensions to adhere to your hair. In fact, if you can, try going a day or so longer before washing your hair; this will make the bond even stronger.

If you’re concerned about your hair appearing dirty, don’t worry. Your hair will get washed the day of your extension appointment (either by you or your stylist). If you have to do this step, don’t use a conditioner; it will make your hair slippery during installation. 

4. Using Cheap Extensions 

It is no secret that hair extensions are an investment, but purchasing cheap ones will not save you money in the long run. Cheap extensions never last as long as quality ones, appear less natural, and often fall apart. Leaving you to purchase extensions at a quicker and more expensive rate.

Save yourself the headache and purchase quality extensions. These can often be reused, reapplied, and redyed multiple times.

To avoid purchasing cheap extensions, do your research. Read reviews/descriptions of your extensions and ask your stylist before installation. 

Avoiding Hair Extension Mistakes 

The best way to avoid all the mistakes listed above is by choosing a high-quality and professional salon. If you’re currently looking for the perfect salon to install your hair extensions, give Charleston Hair and Makeup Salon a chance. Our team of trained stylists looks forward to giving you the hair of your dreams without all those pesky hair extension mistakes.

Visit our website to meet our stylists, view our services, and book an appointment of your own.