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5 Tips for Finding the Best Hair Salon for You

Hair salons make up about 95 percent of revenue for the United States. That is because people rely on these professionals to cut their hair and maintain a professional appearance.

Along with that, salons offer a unique social atmosphere for clients. However, it is difficult to find a stylist you can trust. Whether you move to a new area or want a change, locating a reputable salon takes time and effort.

After all, no one wants to walk around sporting a bad haircut. Lucky for you, we have put together the top five tips to find the best hair salon near you. 

1. Ask for Certification and License 

Every hairstylist is required to undergo a specific amount of school hours. After they complete their cosmetology training, they must receive a license and follow the regulations from the department of labor.

The first thing you want to ask about is whether your stylist can show their certification and licensing proof. If they seem reluctant to do so, that is a red flag. Any qualified stylist will happily give you their credentials. 

2. Look Up Reviews

The next thing to do is look up reviews. If someone is unhappy with the service or their hair, you can bet they will leave a comment or two.

All you have to do is type in something like: 

  • Hair salon near me 
  • Walk-in hair salons
  • Curly hair salon 
  • Natural hair salon near me 

Afterward, you will have a few options pops up on your screen. Take some time to research what people say about these businesses on websites like Glassdoor or Angie’s List.

Be sure to scan a few different review sites, too. That way, you can see the primary pros and cons of each establishment. 

3. Chat With a Stylist

Don’t be afraid to call up a salon and ask to talk to a stylist. They will be happy to chat with you or schedule a consultation. Either way, you want t get a feel for their personality.

After all, you might be in that person’s chair for a few hours. You will want to choose someone you can talk to and who carries out a conversation.

The stylist should also be attentive and ask you several questions about your haircut or dye job. That proves that they care and want to ensure you receive the treatment you deserve. 

4. Check Services

Some hair salons don’t offer everything under the cosmetic sun. If you want something specific, like bridal services, be sure to double-check with their website. You want to choose a salon with a list of services like hair cuts, foils, and even make-up lessons! 

5. Choose a Stylist With a Specialty 

Many stylists these days master the art of both cut and color. However, some specialize in certain areas.

A stylist with a specialty means they have put all of their focus into either color or cut. If you require both services, you can always book appointments back-to-back so you get both hair color and a cut on the same day. 

Visit the Best Hair Salon in Charleston, SC 

As you can tell, there are several ways to pinpoint the best hair salon near you. If you live in Charleston, SC, we encourage you to stop by Charleston Hair and Makeup Salon.

We are more than happy to book consultations and meet with you. That way, you can see our work and feel comfortable with your stylist of choice. Please, feel free to contact us today with any questions or concerns.