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5 Makeup Tips To Help Achieve a Natural Look

With only 39% of women wearing makeup daily, makeup trends have grown more and more natural. Everyone wants to look effortlessly flawless. However, mastering this effortless look is nearly impossible. Expert makeup artists can elevate your appearance without making your makeup look unnatural.

Mastering the natural makeup look can be extremely challenging for someone who is inexperienced. If you want to achieve the perfect natural look, keep reading to learn five makeup tips to help you achieve a natural look. 

1. Prioritize Glowy Skin 

The best way to conquer the natural makeup look is to prioritize your skincare routine. By investing in skip prep you can keep your skin supple and moisturized. 

The natural makeup look is ruled by a dewy appearance. By keeping your skin hydrated you can cut back on your need for full-coverage makeup products. 

2. Always Use Primer

Primer works to smooth your skin before you apply makeup. Primer not only extends the life of your makeup but also lays the foundation for a seamless application. 

You may choose products based on your skin type or the sort of appearance you want to achieve. Primer effectively smooths and fills any pores without allowing them to get clogged. 

3. Use Cream Makeup 

If you want makeup to blend flawlessly into your skin you shoudl opt to use cream-based products. When compared to powders, creams tend to seem more natural since they allow everything to sink in and mix seamlessly.

You can get a smooth application by mixing cream bronzer, concealer, and foundation. If you’re concerned that nothing will last all day, lightly bronze with a powder or setting spray to keep everything in place.

4. Brush Your Eyebrows

The overdrawn, perfectly angular eyebrows are out of style. Rather than plucking your eyebrows to perfection, the natural makeup look encourages untamed brows. 

By simply applying a brow gel with fibers and brushing them up and into position, you may enhance the attractiveness of your natural brows. Use a clear gel and an eyebrow brush to direct your eyebrows into their desired form. 

5. Go Light on the Eye Makeup 

As the natural makeup look has grown more popular, smokey eyes and cat eyeliner have faded out. Going light on your eyelashes and using purely neutrals for your eyeshadow pallet is encouraged. 

Going light on the lashes is great because the skin is the focus of a natural look. Many people struggle to step away from luxurious lashes, if this is the problem they should switch to brown mascara. Brown mascara only slightly opens your eyes without being too heavy, unless you naturally have really dark lashes. 

Learn How to Achieve a Natural Look 

Our team of experts at Charleston Hair and Makeup is eager to help you to master your natural look. Not only are our makeup artists available for appointments, but they also offer makeup lessons to help you perfect your daily makeup routine. 

Contact us at Charleston Hair and Makeup for all of your makeup needs.