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Wedding Hair Style

5 Hair Mistakes to Avoid Before You Say “I Do”

Brides have high expectations for their wedding day hair because it’s essential that every lock is in place to pull the entire look together. The first step to achieving the ideal wedding style for you is to enlist an experienced hair salon in Charleston SC, and the second step will be to avoid these common hair mistakes that many brides make before the big day.

#1: Focusing too much on hairstyles you’ve never attempted

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the photos of bridal hair, and it can be difficult to choose the right style for you. But before you decide on a wedding look that you’ve never attempted, talk to a stylist at your makeup and hair salon. Remember, you want to look like you! Just because your future mother-in-law or a few college friends want to see you in a traditional updo doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for your particular bridal look, especially if you’ve never liked wearing your hair in a bun.

#2: Making dramatic changes before the big day

Many brides have fallen victim to the pre-panic that can set in a couple of weeks before the big day. And when you start to overthink your hair choices, it can lead to making rash decisions that you may regret. Avoid drastic coloring and cuts before your wedding day, and if you want to make changes don’t do them alone or with a friend – involve the hair salon in Charleston SC.

#3: Letting your hair grow out unsupervised

Just because you want long and flowing locks to wear loosely down your back on your wedding day doesn’t mean you need to pass up your regular trims at a hair and makeup salon. Let your stylist know ahead of time what your goals are for your wedding hairstyle, and continue to visit for your trim every eight weeks. Trust that you’ll still be able to grow your hair out when you visit the salon, and it will be stronger and longer than if you let the split-ends take over.

#4: Not protecting your hair from the heat

From the moment the question is popped, and you say yes, until the day you walk down the aisle, there will be A LOT of events that you’ll want to look fantastic for. From meeting in-laws to showers to dinners to the many photos that will be taken, you’ll have plenty of reasons to get dressed up. However, be mindful of how much heat you’re putting on your hair from flat irons and hair dryers because this can fry your locks. And when your wedding day finally arrives months down the road, you may wonder what happened. Talk to your hair and makeup salon about products that protect your hair from the heat to help prevent the damage.

#5: Skipping the trial run for your hair

When you make an appointment at a hair salon in Charleston SC for your test run, be sure you stick with it! This is when you can really learn what will work with your hair and what the end result will be. Now will be the time to make changes if you think they are necessary. Knowing that you can check this box off of your wedding to-do list will make you much calmer and more confident on your big day.