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4 Natural Hair Styles You Should Consider at Your Salon

Wearing natural hair styles may come with a price… called wash day. First, cancel all your plans because your hair regimen comes first. 

There’s a lot you should consider when taking care of your natural hair. Your hair regimen should consist of a few steps: wash, condition, dry, and don’t forget to add moisture. 

If you’re dreading visiting the hair salon with your current wash day regime, we have a solution. Keep reading to learn 4 natural hair styles you should consider.

1. Twist Out 

At first glance, this style may seem too complex to ask for at a hair salon. If you enjoy playing around with your natural texture, this is one of the best hair styles for you.

Getting a twist out also acts as a great excuse to change up your look and style. You’ll want to visit your local hair salon for this hair style. If you try it yourself, you might make mistakes

While you’re at the salon, ask the hairdresser to dampen your hair. Then apply some styling products — but don’t use too much. Then twist your hair using individual, two-strand sections. 

Once your hair dries, unravel the twists. If this is done correctly, you should have long, gorgeous curls. 

2. Wash and Wear 

This haircut works best if you ask your hairdresser for a short hair cut. Once you have it, you’ll notice it’s one of the easiest hair styles for day-to-day life. 

For this natural hair style, you won’t need a comb or any tools. Pick up your favorite hair product and get stylin’. 

3. Silk Press 

Performing a silk press isn’t a DIY hair style for just anyone. You’re definitely going to want to pay a visit to your hairdresser for this natural hair style. 

Your hairdresser will likely start by cleaning and then conditioning your hair. Then they will section your hair and give it a nice, simple blow dry. They may use a paddle brush or another preferred tool while brushing out your blowdried hair. 

If you don’t want to you direct heat, try alternative methods. One alternative method includes stretching your hair with braids or rollers. 

Then section and straighten your hair. Have your hairdresser wrap your hair with something like saran wrap. 

4. Braids 

Visit your favorite beauty salon and ask them to plait a few braids into your hair. Braiding isn’t a difficult task and you can do it yourself. But professional braids look and feel better. 

Natural Hair Styles 

There are so many natural hair styles to pick from, you may not know where to start. There are simple natural hair styles you can try and there are more complex ones. 

For example, a simple hair style would be a braid. And a more complex or complicated one would be a twist out or silk press.

It’s best to visit a professional when styling your natural hair. To book your next hair appointment, contact us today.