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4 Inspirational Prom Makeup Looks (2023)

Prom has a long history, getting its extravagant glow-up in the mid-twentieth century. What started as a parade of manners is now a night of fun, glamor, and memorable looks.

Preparing for prom is exciting, and it’s easy to get caught up in the details of your dress, your nails, and your hair. What about your makeup?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for prom makeup, you’re in the right place! The right makeup can complete your prom look and make sure that you’re totally photo-ready.

Read on for our quick prom guide to four makeup looks that will be trending this year.

1. Dramatic Lashes

Sure, false eyelashes might be a little much for your average school day. On prom night, however, falsies can create the drama your look needs!

False eyelashes can make your eyes pop and give your eye makeup a more complete and professional look. The good news is that there are all different lengths and volumes, so if you’re not sure you want that miles-long heavy lash, you can go with something a little more subtle that will still pair nicely with everything from the natural look to the bold look. 

2. Dress-Inspired Eye Makeup

You looked far and wide for the perfect prom dress, and it’s probably the thing you’re most excited about. Why not celebrate your gorgeous dress with complimentary makeup?

Picking your eyeshadow and eyeliner based on the color of your dress can make you look like you’re ready for the red carpet. If your dress is a brighter color than you want on your eyes, you can pick a lighter shade. Alternatively, match your eye makeup to your jewelry, going with a gold or silver shine.

3. Y2K Glitter

It’s no secret that early-2000s style is back, and we’re loving the resurgence of these Y2K makeup trends! When you take a look at what your favorite celebrities were donning in the early 2000s, you’ll notice the thing that they all have in common: glitter and shine. 

Glittery eyeshadows, sparkling highlighters, and lipgloss in all shades were wildly popular back then, and they’re coming back now. If you love the Y2K look, take it to prom with some glittering makeup. 

4. Bold Lipstick

Prom is a great time to try out a bold lipstick you wouldn’t wear every day. This year, we expect to see beautiful shades of plum, brown, pink, ruby, and Fuschia to make it big. 

Not sure a dark lipstick will compliment your prom look? Nude shades are also trending in 2023!

Come to Gibson for Your 2023 Prom Makeup

Prom will be here before you know it, and we can’t wait to see your incredible prom beauty! If you need a little help with your prom makeup and hair, we’ve got you covered.

Gibson Hair and Makeup does everything from hair styling and coloring to makeup. On such a special day, you deserve an equally special look. Contact us today or book your appointment online for a professional prom makeover.