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4 Flawless Summer Wedding Makeup Tips for Your Big Day

Out of 1,000 surveyed brides, a staggering 40% of them said they regret their hair and makeup looks on their big day. If you’re currently planning your wedding, how can you avoid being part of that statistic?

The key is planning ahead. This is especially true if you’re getting married in the summer and want to avoid a makeup meltdown. Fortunately, we’ve got your back.

Keep reading to learn about our best summer wedding makeup tips. By following our advice, you’ll be able to look back at your photos for years to come with no regrets!

1. Don’t Apply It Too Early

The reality is that the longer your makeup is on, the more likely it is to run or come off. When you’re planning out your day-of schedule, leave your makeup until later in the day, just before you put on your dress. This will help to keep your makeup looking fresh during the whole event. 

If you plan to take photos with your wedding party while you get ready, consider going bare-faced in those photos, for a fun, fresh look. Or, snap a few photos once your makeup is done, but just before you get dressed. 

2. Prep Your Face the Right Way

If your wedding budget doesn’t allow for you to get your hair and makeup done professionally, the most important thing to know is how to prep your face before and after applying your makeup. 

Start by rinsing your face with cold water, which will help to close up your pores. As a result, your skin won’t produce as much oil during the day, helping to keep your makeup in place. 

Once you’ve done that, apply a primer to give your makeup a solid foundation. Finally, once all of your products have been applied, finish your look with a setting spray, to help keep it firmly in place, even after a night of dancing. 

To help you feel more prepared, consider taking makeup lessons prior to your big day.  

3. Opt for Waterproof Products

When it comes to summer wedding eye makeup, in particular, waterproof is best. Of course, you’ll want to be prepared for tears, but during the summer you’ll also have to combat sweat and greasy eyelids. 

Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner, so your eye makeup stays in place, no matter how emotional you get during your vows. And, if you’re opting for false lashes to complete your look, use waterproof lash glue to keep them in place. 

4. Take Care When Touching Your Face

Once your makeup is on, try to be mindful and only touch your face if absolutely necessary. Throughout the day, if you use a tissue or handkerchief, instead of wiping away tears, dab them away. 

This will help prevent you from accidentally wiping off your makeup. 

If you feel like your face is starting to get oily, gently use a blotting sheet to remove moisture, instead of wiping it away with a tissue. 

Get Your Perfect Summer Wedding Makeup Look

If you don’t want to have to worry about keeping your makeup in place on your wedding day, we’re here to help! Our team at Charleston Hair and Makeup can give you the perfect summer wedding makeup look so you can focus on the important things, like marrying the love of your life. 

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