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4 Contour Tips That Completely Change Your Look

The beauty industry was worth $22 billion in 2021, a 30% increase over 2020. Leading the market are fragrance sales (up 49% from 2020), hair product sales (up 47%), and makeup sales (up 23%).

Graphic eyeliner and the no-makeup-makeup look have taken over the beauty world of late. Yet, contouring is still the go-to when full glam is required.

Whether you’re prepping for your wedding, formal, or prom, we have the contour tips you need to look fully sculpted.

Are you ready to learn how to contour and snatch your face like a professional? Then keep reading because this one is for you!

1. Bake With Your Contour

Baking is an oily girl’s best friend. This technique requires you to apply a heavy layer of powder over areas you usually get oily in (e.g., the t-zone). Baking areas where you apply your concealer can also make for a sharper contour.

To bake, use a dense brush or sponge to apply a thick layer of powder to your oily areas or over your concealer. Leave the powder on for 5–10 minutes. Then, brush the powder away with a fluffy brush.

2. Contour the Korean Way

K-beauty dominates today’s beauty industry. So why not try K-contouring, too? Korean-style contouring has one main goal: to make your face look slimmer and more v-shaped.

Follow these contouring steps for the K-contour look. Start with a contour palette that includes both lighter and darker shades. Use the darkest shade along the jaw, focusing on making your jaw look narrower.

Contour the hairline next, bringing the powder down to the sides of your face. But don’t deepen the crease beneath your cheekbone! This is one of the main differences between K-contouring and regular contouring.

3. Use Cream Products

Cream products are the best products for contouring, especially if you are new to this technique. Cream products are extremely forgiving, allowing you to build up the products gradually.

Cream products also look more natural. And they are great for people with dry or textured skin.

Just make sure you apply your cream products before using any powder. You can even use your cream contouring products underneath your favorite foundation for a sheer, natural look.

4. Try Reverse Contouring

Reverse contouring is one of the newest contouring techniques out there. Instead of focusing on creating shadows, reverse contouring emphasizes highlighting.

To DIY the reverse contour look, apply your lightest shade of concealer to places you want to highlight. This may include the bridge of your nose, above and below your cheekbones, and above your jawline.

Next, use a light contouring shade or bronzer to add depth. Finally, deepen the areas around the concealer you just applied — on the edges of your nose, the cheekbones, and your jaw.

Love These Contour Tips? Then You’ll Love Our Charleston Hair and Makeup Salon!

Contouring isn’t a thing of the past just yet. So, we hope these contour tips have helped you learn how to pull off this look in 2022!

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