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4 Best Brunette Hair Trends (2023)

Did you know that brown hair is the second-most common hair color in the world? When you have brunette hair, it can seem like you don’t stand out from the crowd.

The truth is that there are so many different shades and tones that each brunette is unique. Plus, by embracing the latest hair trends, you can dress up that ‘do for a refreshed look!

So, what are the biggest brunette hair trends to ask your stylist about in 2023?

Read on for four big trends brunettes won’t want to miss this year.

1. Face Framing Highlights

The wintry blond look will be big this year, but going blond as a brunette can be a drastic change and a huge commitment. The good news is that you can still get that sun-kissed, trending look without going all-over blond.

Face framing highlights consist of two chunky highlights right in the front, where they’ll hang down on either side of your face. Paired with a sprinkling of highlights on the side and back, you’ll get a taste for the blond look without losing your natural shade.

2. Red Undertones

There’s one hair trend that’s going to sweep the globe this year, and that’s a rush for red. Expect to see a ton of copper, burgundy, and deep auburn tones.

What if you want to embrace this trend without losing your natural brunette color? Red undertones are often naturally present in brunettes, and your stylist can make them pop!

3. Multiple Deep Brunette Shades

Dark brown shades often suit people with even the lightest brown hair. It’s unsurprising how many will reach for a box of dark brown dye to get those deep, dramatic shades.

The problem is that when you go several shades darker with box dye, you can end up with flat-looking hair. By going darker in the salon, we can give you multiple deep brunette shades so that you’re on-trend without losing the dimension and volume that natural brunette hair contains. 

4. Brown Balayage 

Balayage is a specific highlighting technique in which highlights are painted lightly onto the surface of the hair, creating a more organic distribution of color. The highlights become more concentrated toward the ends of the hair, creating a cascading lightness that livens up dark hair.

This look has long been popular with celebrities and for good reason—it looks elegant and expensive and makes every hairstyle more elevated. 

Come to Gibson for These Great Hair Trends

Brown may be one of the most common hair colors on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that it’s boring! Your brunette hair is already unique, and these four 2023 hair trends can breathe new life into your look.

Ready to give one of these hair trends a shot? Gibson Hair and Makeup is ready to help. Our full-service salon can take care of your cut, color, makeup, waxing, and more.

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