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3 Trendy Wedding Day Makeup Looks

Your wedding day is going to be one of the happiest, fun, and chaotic days of your life. The amount of planning you did for this day will all finally come to an end when you walk down that aisle. Before you can get to that point though, you have to pick the right dress, the right hairstyle, and the right makeup look. The look you choose to go with for your wedding day is critical and something you are going to want to consider heavily before making any decision. You will see this look in every photo for the rest of your life so there are no shortcuts in this decision. 

At Charleston hair and makeup, we always recommend to our clients that they should stay true to who they are when deciding on their wedding day look. You should think about who you are as a person and run with that for the look you go with to accompany the beautiful white dress you have picked for the occasion. Once you have been able to narrow down how to best accentuate your person look, our professionals in the makeup salon will help you achieve that very goal. Being able to communicate the look you have in your mind can be difficult, but it becomes easier when you know the right terms to use when talking to your makeup artist. Pictures for a point of reference are always great to have handy, but communicating your desired look will help you and your artist stay on the same page. Our artists in the makeup salon have compiled a few different looks that we are seeing to help you narrow down the look you want to go for while also providing you some of the terms that will help better communicate this image to your artist. 


This look is for the ladies that are looking to just enhance their natural beauty on their wedding day. The natural look is a simple yet elegant look. Most brides ask for this type of look, but knowing what a natural look is in the bride’s eyes and the artist’s is very important. We recommend bringing a photo with your daily makeup on to help give the artist a general idea of what you are looking for. 


This is always a great look for brides that want a touch of glam added to their wedding day look but nothing that is too overbearing. By choosing this look for your special day, you are getting more than just your everyday look but still look like yourself. Most of the time, this look will include adding some lashes and hint of smokiness in your shadow. Another way to spice up this type of look is adding a little shimmer in the shadows your artist is using. 


The glam look is a complete 180 from the natural look. If you are looking to walk down the aisle looking bold and spicy, the glam look is the way you want to go. To achieve this look, ask your artist to go with a bold lip choice, some smokey eyes, and contouring with the highlight. We see brides ask for this type of look when they are having their wedding during the Fall and Winter months primarily, but it can be rocked year-round. Keywords to describe this look to your artist are sassy, bold, and sexy. 

Whatever look you want to rock during your day is up to you, and having the correct description for your artist will go a long way. After all, this is your big day. The choice is yours!