Beach Hair

Steps to Get Beach Wavy Hair

It does not matter what season it is, whether you are going casual or want to find the ideal wedding hair style, beach wavy hair looks fantastic and is easy to do. While many lengths of hair can pull off the beach-y look of wavy hair, it is especially popular for medium cuts because it adds volume and has lasting qualities. You can speak with a stylist at a hair and makeup salon for a few extra pointers for the texture of hair you have, but here are a few steps to help you move in the right direction.

#1: Make sure you get rid of split ends

If you have not visited a Charleston hair salon in quite a while, then you may want to go ahead and schedule an appointment so that you have the healthiest strands to work with when testing new styles. Getting rid of the split ends and getting the cut that will complement your efforts will be the best way to ensure you get outstanding results.

#2: Choose your products

While the wavy hair style can appear to come from a day at the beach, most women don’t achieve this without a little help. And in reality, many women will have a hard time achieving this look even after they have truly spent a day relaxing in the sand and swimming in the salty ocean.

You will find that an anti-frizz product will be necessary, and there are also salt products that are designed for the hair to achieve this look. But before you invest in product, be sure you ask a hair salon in Charleston about your best options to ensure you do not spend a lot of money on something that will strip your hair of natural oils and leave you with damage after wearing your new look a few times.

#3: Decide whether you want to use heat or not

There are a few different methods when it comes to getting beach wavy hair. Some of them will include non-heat methods like wetting your hair, separating it in two parts like you are putting it up in pigtails, and then twisting each side and forming a bun. You will then let your hair dry, and style when you take them down.

Others prefer to use heat to get the wavy look. You can use a curling iron or flat iron depending on your goals, and you simply section your hair into chunks and add big curls. Once you have covered all of your hair, you can add products and start styling further until you reach that flawless look.

#4: Continue to practice

While it may seem like some people come fresh from the Charleston hair salon every day, the reality is it takes practice to perfect your beach wavy hair. Make sure that the first time you try it, you do not have any plans so that you can easily wash it if it doesn’t turn out. And when you test styles at home, try to go outside and move around so that you know how well the products and method you chose will hold up over time. Beautiful beach wavy hair can be yours with a little time, effort, and help from a pro stylist at a hair salon in Charleston.