New Year Beauty

6 Essential Tips to Reach Your Beauty Resolutions in 2018

With the New Year underway, we’ve all made a few resolutions for 2018. If you have any beauty goals, a hair and makeup salon in Charleston can help. Looking your best doesn’t have to be complicated, painful, or time-consuming, but there are a few tips that are essential for success. Here we look at six of those tips that will help you reach (and exceed) your beauty goals this year.

#1: Incorporate Gibson Hair and Makeup in your routine

The first step is to get the experts at Gibson Hair and Makeup involved in your routine. You can utilize all of the services we provide throughout the year, or you can choose where you want to focus. Whether you want a bolder look and plan on changing makeup tones or your ready for vibrant hair color, we can help you get dazzling results.

#2: Write down your goals

Studies show that people that write down their goals are almost twice as likely to reach them, and this goes for everything from business to beauty. Even if you are dedicated to your vision of beauty and know exactly what you hope to achieve, writing it down can help keep you on track.

#3: Learn more about beauty products

Make this the year that you learn about the beauty products that work best with your skin tone and hair texture. There are a lot of products on the market, and it can be easy to get stuck in a routine that leaves your hair limp or your makeup underwhelming. Speak with a specialist at Gibson Hair and Makeup to gain insight.

#4: Begin a beauty regimen

If you don’t have a beauty regimen, it’s time to begin one. Just like our body prefers that we go to bed at the same time each night or exercise during the day, our skin and hair perform better when they are cared for routinely.

#5: Celebrate the small victories

Always take time to celebrate the small victories. Whether you finally wore your first bold lipstick to the office or your hair has grown 1 inch towards your goal of getting below your shoulders, take time to pat yourself on the back. Treat yourself to a new hair accessory, a movie, or nail polish because it’s a nice way to stay motivated.

#6: Be patient  

Beauty goals such as growing out your bangs or perfecting eye-shadow applications for a specific look takes time. Be patient and enjoy the journey of transforming your look. As you see improvements and are ready to take your goal up to the next level, visit your Charleston hair and makeup salon to help with any areas you’re having trouble with. We can help show you a few styles that help when your bangs are growing out or give a few tips on eye-shadow techniques that enhance your look. Whatever your beauty goals, remember that you have all year to reach them and that with a little help from the pros, you’ll succeed faster than you realize.