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Yikes! Hair Dye Gone Wrong? Here’s How a Salon Color Correction Can Help

Let me guess. You got bored and decided to shake things up a bit with a new box dye you found on your last grocery store trip.

Now you have a nightmare on your hands. Well, really, on your head.

Among other things, I’m sure you’re screaming, “how am I going to fix this?!” Let me tell you how.

It’s time to let a professional step in and take over. Color correction services are a must after putting your hair through the D.I.Y. wringer. 

Let’s discuss why you need to step away from the box dye and straight into the salon.

1. What is Color Correction?

Before we explain WHY you need one, let’s go over what it is.

Color corrections are individually crafted salon services that are highly dependant on each clients’ specific needs and desires. Some services may just need a simple toner to address some unwanted warm or cool notes in the hair while other services may be addressing severely over-processed hair with uneven tones and colors.

Salon professionals will conduct a thorough consultation to determine the condition of your hair, the desired results, and explain the importance of your at-home haircare routine with professional products from the salon.

By the end of your consultation, you will know what to expect, how many services are required, and what you need to take home to guarantee your results are achieved and maintained.

2. Restore Your Hair’s Health

Throwing a bottle of black dye over your already compromised hair is NOT considered fixing it. You’ll end up in an even worse position than you are now.

Over all else, your stylist will put the health and integrity of your hair first. Unhealthy hair will not produce reliable or desirable results.

Your stylist will sit down with you so the two of you can hash out all of the details of your hair’s history and determine what your goals are. From there, they will map out a timeline for you while keeping the health of your hair first in the line of their list of priorities. 

3. Customized Results

Something you can’t get from D.I.Y. dye jobs? A color that is truly tailored to your hair and its needs.

While box color is one-size-fits-all, we will mix up the perfect ratio of shades and tones to achieve your hair goals. Our stylists are well-educated in color theory and will be able to confidently mix a formula, or multiple formulas, to achieve your desired outcome.

Being able to have tight control over formulas also protects your hair’s health and allows for more precise applications. This helps create a more uniform end result.

Come See Us!

We’ve all made hair faux pas. The best thing to do now is to get the opinion and recommendation of a professional on how to move on from where you are now.

If you’re ready to take your hair nightmare and turn it into the hair of your dreams, book your color correction service today with one of our highly talented and well-educated stylists.