Professional Stylist

Why Pro Stylists Gets the Best Results for your Wedding Day

Many people want to keep their wedding day simple and easy, and they enlist the help of friends and family for a lot of the little details. While this can work for many areas of your wedding, when it comes to your wedding day look, a pro stylist from a Charleston hair and makeup salon simply gets the best results. Even if you have a friend that is pretty good at makeup or have an aunt that used to cut and style hair, there is something about going to the professionals when it comes to your wedding day.

You can be straightforward about the look you want

When you have friends and family applying makeup and styling your hair, it can be difficult to let them know that they have applied too much blush or your bangs are too high. By going to a hair and makeup salon in Charleston, you can be upfront and honest about the look you want. If you think something is not working, you can just let the stylist know at the trial run, and they’ll correct it for you.

You’ll have guidance from an experienced wedding hair stylist

Often, your friends and family that are helping may have a few experiences working on a wedding look, but not as many as a professional hair stylist. Stylists that work at a Charleston hair salon continually train and apply techniques throughout the year for wedding hair, and you can take the time to look through their portfolios to find the stylist that is right for you.

Plus, you can get advice from an outside party that takes into account everything from your skin tone to your face shape to the style of your dress and isn’t just there to tell you everything looks great. Trust that a stylist wants you to shine on your big day, and they’ll give you sound advice and make sure you are happy with your look.

You get lasting hair and makeup on your wedding day

The bride always seems to be the most active at a wedding because she is running around getting pictures taken, greeting guests, and part of every toast – and you need to ensure your hair and makeup lasts. A makeup and hair salon in Charleston is the ideal place to go for a look that will last throughout the night. You also won’t have to worry about friends and family running late because they also have to apply their own hair and makeup. Everything will be completed on time and with complete attention to detail.

If you do want your relatives and best friends to be part of your wedding look, enlist them for other activities that come with the wedding such as the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or rehearsal dinner. But, for the day that you have pictures taken by a professional photographer and walk down the aisle, the best way to get stunning results, is to enlist pro stylists at a Charleston hair and makeup salon.